Playstation E3

To open up Playstation’s conference they did the same thing they have done every year, play a dubstep song with a montage of all the games that they have done in the past which isn’t bad but every year they could switch it up.
CEO of Sony Jack Tretton to talk about how people are eager to see the PS4 and there are still people curious of what will happen to the Vita and PS3 and he stated that they have big things rolling out for both but it sounds like its mostly going towards the Playstation Vita.
5 new games for the vita were announced the biggest being Killzone Mercenary and announced that many games being remade for it such as God of War 1 and 2 and Final Fantasy 10 as well as the Tall Tell Games Walking Dead will be on the Vita.
Like Microsoft has done with their Smart Glass it seems Sony is planning on really integrating the Vita with the PS4.
Sony then decided to show off a line of games that are going planning to be released soon starting with Naughty Dog’s recent game The Last of Us, Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Grand Turismo 6 and all of them for PS3. After the line up A quick look at Bat Man Arkham Origins was shown to then show an amazing trailer showing all the villains, combat, and the new detective mode all looks amazing.
Showing of the exclusive experience if you get Batman Arkham Origins on PS3 you get and old 80s costume and exclusive missions, and if you buy GTA 5 for PS3 paying $299 you get exclusive GTA head phones.
With PS3 basically done being talked about Andrew House steps up to talk all about the PS4. To begin they show the PS4 console which looks similar to the Xbox console though it looks as if its in half and one side slides over the other.
And after the announcement of the look of the console they move to talking about the entertainment side of the PS4 such as the Playstation music and Sony Pictures announced that they are going to have a brand new playstation plan for movies and television.
After talking about how redbox and flixster will now be on PS4 we jump back over to the games. We found out that there are 40 games currently being made for the PS4 and 12 being new IPs the first they show is called the order which is based in 1886 in what seems like England, the rest of the settings of the game is unclear for it seems like you fight some time of monsters using steam punk technology.
Then we have Killzone Shadow Fall which for some reason didn’t really feel like an actual Kill Zone game especially since it was a big series for the Playstation and it did not really show very much during the conference, the second being a racing game called Drive Club, third is Infamous Second Son in which instead of electricity you use fire and seem to be a villian of some sort, finally there Nack the game that they had shown in February when they announced the PS4.
To show the potential of the PS4 they show a video called The Dark Sorcerer all playing in real time in which looks almost life like to show the power of the Play Station 4.
Super Giant Games the creators of Bastion showed off their next game Trasistor which has a familiar look with Bastion but also different being released early next year to PS4. Playstation still trys to show that they are big about indie games so now Don’t Starve are now being part of the PS team, as well as Octo Dad, Scott Pilgrum vs The World, Switch Blade Monkeys, Ragtag studios, Red Barrels present Outlast a horror game, Odd World Inhabitants as well as announced that the recreation of the first Odd World will be done.
Square Enix showed off Final Fantasy 15 originally titled Final Fantasy versus 13 which seems to use the same combat as Kingdom Hearts and also the had a huge surprise showing off Kingdom Hearts 3 that has been a very anticipated game that fans have been begging for.
After all of the excitement they had shown gameplay for Assassin’s Creed 4.
It looked really good but either they were having difficulty with the game or it was the system in which it would keep pausing and freezing so don’t think that its running great with Playstation right now. Another game from Ubisoft playing on the PS4 is Watch Dogs which looks visually amazing.
Other than showing off the amazing visual effects they also seemed to show off how you can use technology to interact with the world as you would help your friend distract enemies as he stealth  past them as well as the integration of using your tablet to interacting with the technology in the world as the character was trying to hide from a helicopter eventually running away on a boat from the police.
Watch Dogs will come with an hour of extra gameplay on Playstation 4 and a new look.
They also show off how in an NBA game they take every little detail and put it in their game.  Right after they had announced that they are working with Bethesda on working with the Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4 showing amazing game play showing their first person combat and it will have the first beta exclusively on Playstation. After that they had announced Mad Max now much was shown but it looked pretty good so far.
Sony really punches Microsoft in the face saying that you can use used games unlike what Microsoft has done as well as saying you don’t always need to be connected online to play.
Next they show one of the most hyped up games from Bungie called Destiny in which you are an adventurer that has some how lived this cataclysm because of this mysterious sphere.
Playstation had shown it off by showing how your friends can just take their ship and join you where ever you are.  As they walked through this enormous wall killing creatures and using their skills through the classes that they have in the game to run into one of their other friends once out.
As they just start walking a title on top of the screen shows a public event and as they walk towards it other people in the game all coming in to help fight many creatures and a boss.
Right after that they announce that playstation will be using cloud gaming and finally they had announced the price being at 399 much less than the Xbox One what a great way to end the conference.