Microsoft E3

Microsoft has learned their lesson today and as soon as it started they had said that they are only going to show games and that is what they had brought out.  I was amazed of all the games that they had shown and surprising there was no kinect.  They did show voice support but they did not use the motion control and they are really trying to integrate smart glass. To open up I was surprised that they opened up with Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain showing that it is now open world and a new generation of stealth and it looked amazing as it went from a cinematic to the game in a split second.   Before they had shown the rest of their games they had a few announcements for the 360 and that was they just now today put out on shelves a brand new 360 that has the looks of the Xbox One. The other announcement for the 360 was that now gold members starting July 1 they get 2 games for free every month.  Finally for the last announcement for the 360 is that now the World of Tanks is going to be on the 360 which is amazing to hear about and will give it a try.
Now for the Xbox One games, the first one they had shown after Metal Gear Solid was Ryse Son of Rome.  It is crytek’s new game in which its based in Rome and you are a commander of an army.  As you were on a boat to invade a city starting on the beach and you walk off of the boat I thought the game was still playing a cinematic but it was all game play there was no black out to the actual game, it started right there and as you walked little cut scenes would happen which was really impressive. It reminded me of a video game version of 300 as you will have slow motion combat. Next they quickly showed off a remake of Killer Instinct but didn’t really go into detail so not much to say there. The creators of Ratchet and Clank  series Insomniac announced a new shooter for the Xbox One and this game took my attention to the new cloud function of the Xbox for they had said that they can change weapons and events because of it so maybe online always may not be so bad and it was called Sunset Overdrive and looks very much like a cartoon. Not surprising was the showing of Forza 5 but one thing had caught my eye and that the AI will not just be set as easy or hard, no they will learn as you play and use the skills you used in racing because of the Xbox’s cloud function and when they showed game play it was all game play no cut scene.
As soon as Forza was over they came out showing Minecraft Xbox One edition which doesn’t seem all that big but its good to know it will be on my Xbox One.  The first game showing off the kinect voice and smart glass integration was called Project Spark in which you create the world you want to play.  Using voice you choose the environment and time of day and texture of the world and with the Xbox Smart Glass you can mess with the environment in detail and once you are done with that you can go down into the world you have just created and give it life with your character.  You can make villages and in the show they had shown that you can give a rock a mind and it would walk around and attack enemies as he created a goblin camp. You can then upload your world for many others to play from all over the world.  It felt like an Xbox version of Little Big Planet and maybe even better for it had shown that you can create side scrolling types of maps and top down shooters, the possibilities are endless.
Right after they had shown something that I thought was just amazing.  As one person was playing Ryse Son of Rome they were looking for a multiplayer match in the game Killer Instinct as they were playing Ryse Son of Rome and when it was ready they instantly went to the multiplayer game which was amazing and they showed how you can get clips of a game you just played and you can edit it and put it up and soon after that they presented that you can instantly stream your games on twitch which was really awesome.  After that they had decided to go back to xbox live information in which now there are no points its actual money and one thing that is really cool but also sketchy is that if one person has gold on your xbox you do not have to be signed in to play online, you can be on another account which helps when you are wanting to play with a friend online but how will it work if they are playing on another xbox and you want to play online? After they had shown a game called Crimson Dragon but it was a brief gameplay so don’t really know much about it.
Capcom came out to present Dead Rising 3 and it looked amazing.  But for a game that is known the comedic zombie game it seemed like it was going to be very serious.  You can still craft weapons and it seems like you don’t need to find a table like you did in the second game and you can use smart glass in the game as you can call air strikes on zombies.  They had said that there will be no load times what so ever in the game and its open world in this huge city, and there were enormous hordes of zombies. After that they had CD projekt red confirmed that Witcher 3 will be on Xbox One and will be completely open world and promising hundreds of hours  of gameplay, can it be the next Skyrim?
There was so many things this year for Xbox and I still have 3 more games to talk about.  They had shown Battlefield 4 in which it had shown you on a boat as it is being ripped apart in half it was amazing to watch.  As you are on the surface of an aircraft carrier planes are sliding down from the run way and using the Xbox One engine the game looks amazing.  Once they had killed all the enemies on the carrier you jump on a little boat that shows how amazing the water affects are.  Right after that a video started showing a hulking character in brown ragged robe is walking through a desert.  My first thought was Destiny as the character stopped and a whole in the desert was being pulled in and something big was coming out but thinking it was Destiny was completely wrong.  A hand peaks out and pulls a dog tag from his neck with a green armored arm and the wind is blowing.  What seems to come out from the sand was a ginormous robot it seemed and the wind blows the hood of the character and it shows Master Chief and I was just shocked.  After the video they had Halo on the screen and 2014 but they did not say it was 5 they just called it Halo but I am hoping that it will have 5 or else we will get confused when we say we are playing halo.
For the final game they had shown TitalFall  which was a sci-fi FPS and as it had shown gameplay it reminded me of a next generation of Brink as you play singleplayer it will search for players and you play on what seems like a domination game type but it didn’t seem much.  Though what was really cool is that you can hop in some mechs that seem to be the biggest part of the game.
Again I was just amazed at how many games that they had shown and they did announce the price of the Xbox One which is $499 which is quite a lot I’m sure in my opinion and many others but we will see what happens in the future.  Good job Microsoft