This conference opened up not with a montage of all their games but what looked like clips of the titles of the games that will be either shown or announced. To start off their first game it looked like a battlefield 4 opening but it turned out to be a plants vs zombies 3D trailer called Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare exclusive on the Xboxs and will be multiplayer in which you walk around as the plants, like what seems like classes in games such as Team Fortress, and you work together to kill zombies in 3rd person.  Popcap studios also announced Peggle 2 and Plants vs Zombies 2 but had no videos.
Respawn studios decided to show their game Titanfall that they had shown at Microsoft’s conference as the video showed the developers talking about their opinion on the game that they had created and how they felt making it.  Next it was Dice’s turn to show off their game starting in the snow and explosions all around and ships flying down towards you and suddenly an AT-AT’s foot lands right in front of you and the title Star Wars Battlefront shows. A new Need for Speed Rivals game is shown and they say that you can start playing single player and in a second play multiplayer.  As one person was playing and had just started a race as he passed a cop a second player was the cop and is now chasing the player and the other racers.  And as the game ends they announce the Need for Speed movie releasing in 2014.
One of the games I was really excited to see was finally shown.  Bioware came out to present their next generation RPG called Dragon Age Origin using the frost bite engine.  The teaser video they had shown you see two characters that are very familiar from Dragon Age origins and Dragon Age 2.  The graphics reminded me of Witcher 2 which is still amazing and they had promised and open world experience and the choices will really effect the whole game and environment. One final thing about it is that it doesn’t look as though the dark spawn are the main enemy any longer for a green tear in the sky brought in these demons.
Right after Dragon Age they had shown the physics of NBA Live 14 which looks amazing as it shows a player standing there dribbling a ball and everything moves, the shorts and shirt it all looks so real.  Also a new Madden called Madden 25 was announced promising true step that will make moving in the game seem more realistic and easy and is saying that it has not looked and felt so real ever before til now. The sports games continue with Fifa 14 and to talk about it Drake had come out saying how he loves Fifa and soccer.  Fifa is now going to make you feel like the audience is really cheering, passing being more smooth as well as movement it is now to feel very realistic. UFC is then announced with 2 champions that come up, the head of the UFC team  and the head of EA sports to talk about the new UFC game. Promising Full Body Deformation and better AI releasing in 2014. EA’s new sports engine Ignite seems to really show the future of sports gaming.
Two men from the Dice team working on Battlefield 4 come out to talk about the muliplayer experience.  They state that you can play with 64 people on the map and announced commander  mood where you can take a bird eye’s view and impact the things that happen on the ground and you can even do it on a tablet. As they showed 64 people playing the game it looked like they were on an all out war. As a squad of 5 they take a control point and did something amazing.  As they had spotted a tank they take out support beams that the tank was under and it falls down into a building they were in as they destroy it. As the squad was in a skyscraper fighting through an enormous city they had the commander take down a squad on the ground and killing another squad on top of the tower  they feel the tower going down and they jump off using para shuts landing to turn around and find the whole building coming down.
To show off their last game they Dice said that fans have been asking and they are finally going to show, finally Mirror’s Edge 2 has been announced and it looked amazing can not wait to see more about it. It might be a prequel as well.
EA did not disappoint me, even though I don’t play EA sports games they had shown a lot to please me just can’t wait to see more of Mirror’s Edge 2 and Dragon Age Inquisitions and really want to get my hands on Battlefield 4 and really want to see Star Wars Battlefront.