Scrolls: First Impression

Secrets are hidden in many places and one of those places at times is rolled up within scrolls. However, is it possible scrolls could be used for more than just raveling our dirty Landry? Mojan believes so and the indie developer has not only once again proven the impossible to be possible, but they have also creatively twisted another flavor of the gamming universe. As result Mojan has given birth to a new CCG called Scrolls. Scroll is currently in open beta so anyone can try the game in its current state, but those who wish to do so will pay the ultimate price of 20$. And, if your questioning rather or not now is the best time to pay that price the time has finally come to find out.
Earlier I mentioned scrolls that the scrolls in this game had an abnormal purpose and immediately after their first login players will experience this change first hand. What makes these scrolls unique is that within them are magical secrets that players will use as their cards. Like other CCG players cards will have different races/factions and types of cards. In Scrolls the factions are Growth, Energy, and Order. While the types of cards spent between the factions are your typical creatures, spells, enchantments, and structures cards.
After players have obtain their first deck from the first faction they have chosen multiple door of choices will then open themselves up to the players. One of these door players can explores is an area called the Arena. In the Arena players can experience the game’s addictive gameplay in several ways. They have options of playing both single player and multiplayer quick matches. While also being able to play single player challenge modes called trials and multiple player ranked matches. And, everything you need to know about how to play an actually match can be learned with ease from a very short tutorial.
Scrolls don’t do anything to deviate from the usual objective of most CCG, wanting to deplete your enemies life points, but the game does put an interesting twist on how player get to victory road. Each player starts with a total of fifty health points that are split up by five idols. In order for one player to win the player much destroy three of the ideals. The battlefield between players consists of five rows of six hexagons between each idol. Because the battlefield is arranged this way idols can only take damage when there aren’t any creatures guarding them so unlike most CCG players will have to put the same amount of strategy into positioning as they do with selecting what card to play.
scrolls_screenshot_deck_ building
Besides competing in the rich gameplay players will also be able to explore the deck builder, trading, store, and character customization. Unfortunately the deck builder doesn’t have a tutorial for its cluttered interface. However Mojan has done a great job of limiting reasons for players to say the Scrolls is pay-to-win. They have done so by not allowing players to seek out the most powerful cards. Instead of a list huge list of cards players will be able to purchase packs of random scrolls and five revealed scrolls (that change each week) with both in game and micro transactions. As for the Character customization its basic but this isn’t a game that need an in depth character creation system.
In the end Scrolls is fun. 20$ dollars currently seem a bit high for this beta in its current state but this game does feel like its head in the right direction. I believe in full release this game could meet the expectations players will want but not without some work. That being said there a lot to do with the game in its current state of beta but I would wait an update or two before jumping into your wallets.