Games I am looking forward to seeing at E3

As a brand new writer for this web site I have decided to show my colors and present my self I thought I would share the games I am looking forward to see at E3 that is starting tomorrow.
One of the first games that comes to mind is Destiny, Bungie’s newest game and recently on their Facebook page I had seen something about adventure and loot.  Sounds like its going to be a serious and more Sci-fi version of the Borderlands series so looking forward to that.
And the other first game that comes to mind is Dragon Age 3: Inquisitions.  Yes the second one was a big flop but Bioware  said they were going to fix everything and they are creating a new engine for it.  All I know is that I can’t wait to see my Grey Warden back in action.
The rest  I will give no explanation for there are too many : Dark Souls 2, Battlefield 4, Batman Origins, Watchdogs (and the new game that the developers are already working on), Wolfenstein: The New Order, and last but not least the biggest game I am most looking forward to is The Elder Scrolls Online as a huge MMO fan and Elder Scrolls fan I can not wait to get into first person and run around with my friends to Skyrim and Morrowind with my dark elf casting spells, and I have a feeling (as most people do when new MMOs are coming out) this will most likely be the WoW killer.
Post the games you are looking forward to at E3 and be sure to watch it starting tomorrow.