Have Microsoft Shot themselves in the Foot?

Have Microsoft Shot themselves in the Foot?
It’s been a few days now since Microsoft Revealed their new Console wrapped with so much hype and rumours.
Sad part around the hype and rumours is that most the rumours turned out to be true and as soon as the VP of Microsoft came on stage and announced the console Microsoft Shares took a dive and slowly started to recover a bit and stay steady while Sony executives may of had a field day as their Share prices rocketed at the announcements that were made by Microsoft.
Lets break this up
A few days ago EA announced it would be dropping its Online Pass Scheme as their player base didn’t like it, it seems Microsoft are going one step back and introducing a system which companies have dropped over the years as they have learnt the hard lesson in losing to competitors who provide a more open service, an example of this is ITunes as it was DRM controlled until it went DRM free and offered to stop charging more for its DRM content.
Now Sony Have publically stated they would not have DRM on their games as they understand the concept that not all internet access is the same and not all people will have reliable connection to the internet, so the notion of always having to be connected to the internet was flawed and it’s something they would not be introducing to their console for DRM purposes.
now with DRM Microsoft plan to restrict the movement and sales of games where each game you purchase is locked to your player account meaning you will have to physically log into the console to play the game, so to play at a friend’s, cousins house or even different console in your own home
you will need to log in each time.
This will mean a household will have to buy multiple copy of games if you have more than one console instead of being able to share the same games.
Now Microsoft have pointed out its stop Piracy as well as being able to get revenue from the used game market where the game store can mark up as much as they want but will only get 10% of the profits, rest is for Microsoft and publisher.
In Short
Xbox One
* DRM locked games, you can sell it but you lose the content rights and must repurchase pass to play if you go out and re-buy a used copy.
*Locked to one account but can be played by multiple users on same console
*Must log into any console you want to play the game, means you cannot share games with friends or family
so basically Microsoft have Restricted the content on their console and have taken full control over how you can share and play your games after purchase.
Sony Playstation
*Can play Games on any console
*Don’t need to sign in to access Game
*You don’t need an Internet connection to play your games or to verify your games
This to be honest is just pure wrong,
for you to be able to use the Xbox one at anytime you have to have the Kinect sensor bar on at all times, even while off the Kinect bar will listen to your room waiting for the magic words for it to switch the console on.
now this brings up privacy concerns from a lot of people who feel uneasy at the fact that their console will basically be eves dropping in on everything that is said.
Now most people don’t use Kinect or intend to use Kinect as most of us are people who prefer to use the good old joy pad and don’t really care much for motion sensor game, especially when you are in a room with little space stuck behind a desk.
Now I won’t go into the Entertainment aspect of Xbox one as I will be honest I haven’t used this feature on my original 360 and chances are I wouldn’t really care for
Many people may disagree as they may use it as their entertainment hub with Hulu, Netflix and other services and actually use it as an entertainment Hub, but do take into account the core users are gamers and to focus on taking the living room while brushing to the side the people that will be the main purchasing power behind this console, well Microsoft  Marketing department members need to be slapped with a trout.
At the end of the day Microsoft have pissed off their core gamers and time will tell how much of an impact it will have on their console sales and if its anything like how they were hit with the share drop on the reveal of their console.
To give things into more of a better prospective I have asked my fellow gamers on the xbox forum for their opinions, these are the responses.
Against ,,simply because i move my current console(360) from room to room and sometimes take it to grandparents houses so my kids can play when we stay for a weekend..Simply don’t like the fact they are trying to make it the center control hub for the living room ..Mine is never in the LR anyway..I would bet most aren’t ,most of us have dedicated game / play rooms
The five for’s:
1) It’s not made of asbestos
2) It doesn’t shoot death lasers at you if you switch a PS4 on
3) I can use it’s huge bulky frame to stand on so I can reach the top of my cupboards in my kitchen
4) It’s black, and I’m reliably informed once you go black you don’t go back (apparently)
5) It’s not a Wii U
Punisher 207307
Against and here’s why:
1. Can’t play my XBLA games on it.
2. Less powerful than the PS4
3. Requires Kinect, which I have never wanted.
4. Online at least once every 24 hours. Not a major problem but not something I think a person should even have to worry about.
5. M$ focus on making it the center of my living room, I just want to play games and occasionally watch Netflix.
6. Used games debacle, this may not be as bad as we first thought.
7. Indie support is lacking compared to PS4 & Steam.
I am against the xbox one for the fact they are focused more on competing with Apple and Google than they are against Sony. Years ago they tried to reach out to Sony and were snubbed.This angered Microsoft and led to the creation of the original Xbox.
In the beginning their sole purpose was to take Sony out.
Now they seem to have forgotten why they started the Xbox Games Division in the first place.
This company has lost its focus.Since MSN and Bing have failed miserably against Google they have turned to their user base of 48 million to sell ads.Advertising generates more revenue than games ever will.
So now what we see with the XboxOne is a system  designed more to mine data from its customers that can be passed along to third party companies about their target demographics in order for those companies to more effectively deliver those ads to the specific groups they are looking.
Im the Kinect will have the ability to recognize logos of products you have in your house so that companies can target a user with ads based on that specific criteria.Its not about the games anymore.
US Revenge
MS has lost it’s way. game developers are overwhelmingly supporting the ps4.
Sony has better first party, more power and indie devs on their side. MS will still charge for gold membership,
still push kinect, and still rehash its past games into the stale reality that is xbox.
Then the used game restrictions completely killed any hope for the console succeeding the console would have to have the best games of the decade to be worth buying with such a practice.
Now that all games we purchase will be tied to 1 single account after the HDD installation, my brother and I will NOT be able to play games on our own respective accounts even if they are on the same console.
I would essentially have to buy 2 copies of the same exact game just to be able to play on my own Xbox Live account and this is not something I have the financial luxury of doing.  
If this does not change before release then I will buy a PS4.
1) 5 GB DDR 3 memory is a joke games use taht now what about in 2 years with new engines
2) only 35% of USA and less globally can use high speeds which this is built around Xbox 1—-huge blow to $$
3) DRM
4) Developers who desgin the games are laughing at MS and giving facts PS4 is stronger
5)kinect 2 always on BS
6) THe complete silence and ignorance of MS
7) The last 3 years of MS going casual and finally showing us their intentions
8) No support for Indie developers
9) pre recorded features used on stage it will never work that fast no even from a straight cable box
you see where their going?
I could care less about all this crap, all I care about is the games, and IMO MS has delivered enough with the 360, so I at least feel I got my moneys worth. I don’t feel that way about my PS3 and the PS4 is looking the same way.
So yes I going to purchase a Xbox one for sure.