Xbox One

Xbox One


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
Microsoft have finally revealed their latest Console the Xbox One
Lets look at this console
I am personally not shocked at Microsoft caving in and using the hardware of their rival Sony as Blue-Ray has shown its Data capacity surpasses that of what is currently on the market unless Microsoft had decided to go all digital distribution of games, for a full HD experience they really didn’t have a choice in the optical drive for the console.
So with this choice we can expect games to be at least at Par with the new Sony console in terms of Graphics and the best part about this, Games which are Data hungry will fit on one Xbox one CD and not come in multiple disks.
500GB of storage
Now Microsoft have learnt how people like digitally distributed content when it comes to movies and even Music and for this Microsoft provide a service for people to purchase Movies through Xbox live and be able to download the content to the console or PC via ZUNE.
by providing a Large HDD Microsoft are providing a platform for users to download and store a large amount of Movies and music along with DLC to their console allowing for greater integration into their living room as an entertainment system.
IBM 8-core CPU
More power people, as a Console gamer and a PC gamer I understand never to overestimate and underestimate the Processors which are marketed and included in consoles as they are outdated in mere months.
but as this is an 8 core CPU it will still have plenty of kick in it to last it until it is surpassed by the next Microsoft console to replace in a few years time.
8GB of system memory
The new Xbox One comes with 8GB of RAM which means more memory for storage when playing games and allowing quicker loading and processing of games.
as gamers when we insert a game into our consoles and have to wait for the dreaded loading screen, by providing more RAM this should cut the loading time and allow quicker loading of games and of accessing content on the console.
now this won’t make things load instantly as like most hardware it is effected by how much storage is used and how much data has to be moved from one location to another.
USB 3.0
This is great as it will mean faster data transfer from console to external hard drives or Flash Drives
Rest of the features are expected and not really that much of an extra addition to the new Xbox One
802.11n wireless with Wi-Fi Direct   
HDMI in/out   
The New Controller
The Xbox One Controller has been redesigned with some cosmetic changes, this is most noticeably the Dpad being changed from the dreaded circular pad to a simple Cross,
The trademark Xbox button has been moved to the top of the controller.
other then that the new controller is a lot more smoother than its predecessor but pretty much the same design which is great as Microsoft really have a habits of changing things which work complete.


The new Kinect has a 1080p widescreen view, redesigned from the ground up to give the most performance possible.
Now unlike the previous Kinect the latest Kinect has been designed to be used in all environments by gamers ranging from the Living room which was its natural habitat with lots of space to the comfort of one’s bedroom which in many cases may lack the wide spaces required to use the previous Kinect.
Now one downside to the latest Kinect is that it must be connected to Xbox one at all times for the console to function, now as a gamer who uses his console in a very small room I am interested in how much this has improved when I purchase the console as I mentioned above it must of had a very big upgrade in terms of sensors to accommodate all living conditions it will have to deal with.