Nintendo, the End of the WII U?

Nintendo, the End of the WII U?
So a Few days a ago EA announced that it would not be releasing future titles for the Wii U and it would only be concentrating on consoles which it sees as profitable.
Don’t get me wrong EA are right in moving away from the Wii U, it does have the same resemblance to the Dreamcast a Long lost Console released by Sega to compete against the Playstation back in the 90s and that was a failure as sales weren’t great and Publishers decided cut their losses and walk away from the console.
Back in the 90s then Sega compared to its competitors did provide additional features which weren’t introduced by other console manufacturers, an example of this was networking option to allow gamers to play other gamers by connecting their Dreamcast to the internet and play others.
The console did great and Sales were pretty for Sega and all things looked good for them until they were slapped with the fact that Sony were launching the Playstation 2 which shot down the sales of Sega Dreamcast, this is turn caused publishers to abandon the platform and cut their losses in producing titles for the Dreamcast where they were going to see little or no return in investment at all.
Now we have Nintendo who revolutionized the face of gaming by going outside the box and introducing the Wii and the revolutionary controllers allowing them to broaden their audience from hardcore gamers and casual gamers to a wider audience and made gaming more sociable.
this was greeted well for Nintendo and it gave a great boost to their profits as the WII sold out within hours in almost all countries it was launched putting a high demand on the console.
as soon as Sony and Microsoft saw the impact that the new features had to the gaming community they came out with their own versions, some like Sony Adapting what Nintendo Had done and going with Playstation Move, with Microsoft going further and completely getting rid of the controller and giving for a controller free experience with Kinect .
Now with the competition eating away at their user base by providing a better version of what Nintendo have been doing they came up with a new system to launch side by side with the WII, the WII U with HD graphics.
The WII U wasn’t greeted as fiercely and gracefully as the WII was on launch.
the WII U was suppose to provide gamers with more freedom from the sofa and play their game anywhere in their house and give free movement to the player.
5.3 × 0.9 × 10.2 in (13 × 2.3 × 26 cm)
Motion sensing
Touch screen
2 Analog sticks
Digital buttons
Extension Connector
6.2 inch (15.7 cm) 854×480 16:9 @ 158 ppi
at the end of the day the Touch Screen for the Wii was kind of pointless and really didn’t provide that much of a reason for people to purchase the console.
Now Nintendo have hit the same stumbling block that Sega had hit over a decade ago and are slowly being abandoned by Publishers who are cutting their losses and sticking with what makes them money (Which they have every right to do as companies, they need to ensure that they make money and not lose money)
for Nintendo it looks like their honey moon period is over and this has been shown a long time ago when they were forced to cut prices months after their initial launch of their console.
Even with prices being slashed across the world, Nintendo have failed to win back customers and with the launch of the Playstation 4 and the next Xbox console over the horizon, Nintendo have been left on the curve.
Nintendo Had taken gaming outside the Box and did something no other company did, they took a leap of faith and brought in a new type of gaming and drastically increased the demographics of gamers.
Now it’s not all Gloom and Doom for Nintendo as so Far it’s Just EA who have abandoned Ship,
from what I am reading from Ubisoft, Capcom and other developer game releases to come over the year there are still titles for the WII U so not all is lost.
and the next few months will be a real test for Nintendo and how they do and if they can keep the remaining publishers on their side and provide games for their console.