Bioshock infinite

Welcome to Columbia
A far place from Rapture and the previous Bioshock Games.


Lets get started

You are Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton detective who has basically fallen  into the wrong crowd by gambling away his money and has debted himself, to get out of this debt he has agreed to take on a Job which will erase his debt to the people he owes the money to.
His Journey begins and his Job has been handed to him, Free and Elizabeth and hand her over to the people to wipe away his debts.
Unlike Bioshock 1 and 2 where you explore Rapture which is an undersea city and gloomy and very dark, Columbia is pretty vibrant floating city, where only few places are dark and miserable.
This is a big change from the previous games and something which strikes out most. not that I am complaining as I quite enjoyed not having to run around in the dark looking for objectives.
Speaking of objectives, One issue most people found in the previous games was a Loss in Direction when playing as they would get Lost, well Infinite has a solution for them.
A HUD which directs the user in the right direction of an objective, this is purely optional feature for players to use and something most people will just ignore while others who will use it.


One great addition to this game and my favourite is Sky-Lines and the skyhook which allows you to travel from one area to another using the sky-lines.
now the skyhook isn’t some glorified tool used to just travel from area of the map to another, this is also a weapon used in melee attacks and can cause great amount of damage to your foes.
when you are in the tight position and you have some thugs or peace officers running at you and you don’t have your weapon ready, press melee and use your bruit strength along with the skyhook to take them out with ease.

While we are on weapons, I will be honest I don’t like the fact you are limited to how many weapon types you can carry, (you are restricted to two weapons) for me I found this to restricting as some situations call for long range sniper to close distant weapons.

It does add to the challenge on being ready and picking your weapons wisely and how you use them along with the abilities you gain as you progress through the game.



you can still upgrade the weapons at terminals and aren’t limited to upgrading just one weapon, each kiosk allows you to upgrade as many items as you want (as long as you have the funds for it)
so you can upgrade weapons damage, Speed which is something which most Bioshock players are use to.

Now while we are on upgrading, You can also upgrade your abilities as you progress through the game, but this is limited and you have to choose which ability you want to upgrade.
Shield, Health or Salt.

remembering what you upgrade will affect you later on in the game,
For example upgrading Salt will give you more salt allowing you to use more powers over a longer period before needing o replenish yourself.
Same goes for Shield, this will allow you to take more of a beating before your health is affected and you need to start thinking about taking cover from the hail of bullets and beatings.
One last thing on upgrading, Yes that’s right you have more options on upgrading as you can upgrade your Vigors and make them stronger and more effective in the field.
For example would be Devils Kiss, this Vigor allows you to throw fire at opponents and set them alight, you can upgrade this for example to throw a bomb which splits into multiple fragments causing a larger scale in which it causes damage to opponents.



One difference you will notice from the previous Bioshock games is that you are not fighting all deformed humans this time,
Bioshock Infinite brings you some new bad guys to kill and in some cases have your assess handed to you on a silver platter.

Yes you even get the privilege of having to go head to head with histories well known presidents George Washington even if it is his Robot counterparts.
Apart from taking on Robot replicas of George Washington you are also challenged by those who are dead and have been resurrected to those who are alive and well and not really seeing eye to eye with and really want you dead.
Now you might thinking ok this is all great and dandy and its fun shooting robots and humans, where are my monsters which Bioshock is known for? well don’t worry as you will also come face to face with supernatural beings and those who have been altered whom possess powers and abilities which are also immune to some of the Vigor you posses which requires you to think about how you fight them.


One great addition to Bioshock infinite is Elizabeth and her ability to open up windows and bring in objects from other realities to help Booker in fights,  this ability can’t be used to randomly bring in any objects randomly but only where there is a tear and objects from other dimensions are visible can you ask her to bring it through to support you.
This can range from simple supplies to turrets to suppress incoming targets or to completely neutralize them.
The added companion is great as she comes in handy when you run out of ammo or are running low on health as she scours the grounds while you fight and throws you health, ammo and salt to help you out in combat.


The graphics
The graphics for Bioshock is amazing, it has grown and it has adapted and improved much over the years, The texture even during game play is superb.
and I don’t mean it in a cheesy way as you start the game and you first set your eyes on Columbus and you see how vibrant it is. for me this was implemented perfectly.


The Story

The story its self is pretty straight forward and not to complicated and without going into it as it would just rip it all apart for those who haven’t played it and spoil the hell out of it.
as you progress through the game you learn new things about your mission and Elizabeth how you two are interconnected.
this is made clear at the end as you see everything unfold in front of your eyes.
Personally I feel the ending lacked the same feeling  as the first and second one had on me, this is mostly one thing that disappointed me about the game as it lacked the same impact.

Apart from the story and the one issue I had with it, Bioshock Infinite was a great game and I will be honest about it, well worth the wait (even so it has been delayed so many times)I would say that delay has been worth it.

and I would recommend people to play this game and if you are a Bioshock Fan, what are you waiting for if you have not bought this already? Go out and buy it lol
What I would Rate the Game
Graphics : 10/10
Story: 8/10
New additions (weapons and Vigor) 7/10 , reason for this is limited weapon slots
Ease of play 10/10
Total score 9/10