The Future of Wii U: Nintendo Direct 23/01/13 Overview

New Zelda, Wind Waker Reborn, Mario Kart U, New 3D Mario, Yarn Yoshi, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei;
It was a good day to be a Wii U owner.
Nintendo once again hosted a livestream yesterday, with a plethora of news about upcoming Wii U releases; Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 both showing off new, unseen gameplay. The interesting part of this livestream was the announcement of 6 new releases coming to Wii U in the future as well some other surprises;

New Zelda and ‘Wind Waker Reborn

WWREiji Aonuma teased us about ‘rethinking the conventions of Zelda’ for the new game, which will have more info revealed at E3 later this year.

After this tease, he casually announced the release of a HD remaster of the Gamecube title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This version of the game will support completely redone HD textures that still sport the cel-shaded art style of the original game, as well as some fine tuning to fix any issues people had previously had with the game (kind of like the Water Temple fix in Ocarina of Time 3D).
Nintendo Direct clip:
Wind Waker Reborn’ has a planned release window of this fall/autumn while the New Zelda won’t be released until sometime after (likely next fall if development goes well).
Also check out Chris Littlechild’s thoughts on Wind Waker here
Smash Bros, 3D Mario U and Mario Kart
Iwata, the stream’s host, discussed some pressing news about previously mentioned and expected titles for the Wii U.
Smash Bros. was already confirmed in development, however Iwata guaranteed that at the very least we would be seeing screens of the game so far. The new 3D Mario (à la (yeah, I just used ‘à la’) Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, etc.) and Mario Kart games were confirmed as being playable by the public by the time of E3, where the first gameplay of them will be shown off.
Nintendo Direct clip:
Yarn Yoshi


Yarn Yoshi is a brand new Yoshi platforming game; the first Yoshi game on a home console in over 10 years in fact. This announcement was a bit of a surprise – Yoshi. With Kirby’s Epic Yarn’s art style?
To be honest, Yoshi does really suit this ‘new’ art direction that goes along with other games featuring Yoshi as the protagonist (Yoshi’s Story and the Yoshi’s Fruit Cart minigame in Nintendo Land come to mind).
Nintendo Direct clip:
Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei


The final big announcement made was for a crossover game featuring Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series and Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei using the really original ‘X’ between the two names. In case you aren’t familiar with the two franchises; Fire Emblem is a turn based strategy game which has way too many sequels in Japan whereas Shin Megami Tensei is Atlus’ most famous series of JRPGs (maybe you’ve heard of a little game called Persona?). No word on a release date or what exactly the game is about, but I can assure you this is probably the best crossover game I’ve seen as of yet (except maybe Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton).
Nintendo Direct clip:

Wii U Virtual Console


(The games that will be available each month through the VC Trial Campaign)

The full Wii U Virtual Console was also confirmed to be coming soon. For now, the Famicom (the original NES in Japan) 30th Anniversary is being acknowledged by a Virtual Console ’30 for 30′ Trial Campaign – an offer selling NES classics for 30cents/30p a piece. These classics are through the brand new Wii U VC service, meaning you can play them through your GamePad and button map controls.

The first VC game to release is Balloon Fight, the inspiration behind Balloon Trip Breeze in Nintendo Land (and Balloon Fight includes more modes!) and you can grab that for 30 cents/30p right now for 30 days (after that the price will rise back up to standard VC pricing). You might as well pick it up just try out the new Virtual Console.

Another interesting note on the Wii U Virtual Console was that it will support Game Boy Advance games.

Also to note were Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, though these are far less interesting.

You can watch the whole Nintendo Direct here;
That’s it for yesterday’s Nintedo Direct livestream, which was surprising good – giving us a glimpse of the future of the console instead of just showing new trailers for games coming soon. So far it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy year for Nintendo and that’s nothing but good for us.

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