'The Last of Us' Collector's Editions Revealed

‘The Last of Us’ is an upcoming PlayStation exclusive that has been highly anticipated. To add to the excitement of the game (or dread at the thought of the amounts of money that PlayStation is trying to suck from you), PlayStation posted an article on their website today announcing the two tiers of Collector’s Editions that you may have the option of purchasing.

The ‘Survival Edition’ is set at $79.99. With this added $20, you will get a hardcover art book created by Dark horse along with the the first comic in a series that they are creating which will allow gamers to get a deeper look into Ellie’s life and who she is as a person. It is also stated on their website that the cover art for the game will be different than the standard retail version. Finally, upon purchase of the ‘Survival Edition’, gamers will be able to have full access to one of ‘The Last of Us”s DLC packs titled ‘Sights and Sounds’. This DLC pack contains the official game soundtrack, an exclusive PS3 theme, and PSN avatars of Winter Joel and Ellie. This is a fairly large amount of content for only an extra $20, but when thought of as a whole, $80 is a lot of money, and many gamers may not find it worth it.

If you’re thinking “$80? That’s not bad at all! I have all the money in the world to throw away!” then the ‘Post-Pandemic Edition’ may be more your style. This edition is retailing at $159.99. Is it worth the money? In this edition, you will receive all of the delicacies from the ‘Survival Edition’ plus a collectible 12″ statue of Joel and Ellie created by Project Triforce and two DLC packs. This Survival DLC Pack will offer a large amount of customizable options for Joel and Ellie along with Bonus XP and other bonuses to help you along in the game.
Are you planning on getting any of these Collector’s Editions? What are your opinions? Let us know in the comments below!

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