Microsoft Intrusion

Microsoft Intrusion
So Microsoft have increased their Adverts on the Dash Board by 100%,
Microsoft’s new Business Model, we shall shove adverts down your throat even so its annoying as Hell and we know chances are high people will get irritated by them.
An example of one of their most intrusive adverts is their Lovefilm advert, switch on your Xbox 360 and scroll through the Dashboard only to be met with a large boost of sound when you accidently Scroll over a Lovefilm Advert.
Personally as soon as that happens I scroll off as fast as I can and so far have cancelled my Lovefilm subscription as the intrusive advert really pisses me off.
Hopefully others will do the same by boycotting these advert, then maybe it will send a message to the advertisers and Microsoft we don’t like this shit and by doing so they won’t be getting new customers with forced advertisement on a paid subscription service which is getting out of hand.
£49 A year to play online, to access Free services like facebook, twitter and so on, and be bombarded with adverts
I know we will have those who support business models like this and will defend Microsoft and its Game plan and how its required.
Discussion on Reddit which I found very interesting