Orcs Must Die 2!

With less than a week to go until Robot Entertainment’s release of ‘Orcs Must Die 2’ hits Steam, it returns with an extra booby trapped punch and it does look rather tasty.
As a huge fan of the original I am super excited to see the new features put in place for the sequel to Orcs Must Die an illustrative tower-defence game, especially with a much shouted for co-op mode, whereby a Sorceress may accompany you: the last war mage, to defend the rift. The story continues not long after the final game, making for a smooth transition. You must use an array of traps,weapons and spells to repel the invasive Orc army. With the rifts closed and the magical order dead, the war mage finds himself in a new battle. His ally, the Sorceress was responsible for the death of the magical order and so brinigs a shady companionship.
Graphically, it’s relatively pleasing. Like the original, it maintains a cartoon approach, making it that tad more fun. Having it look like it does, it allows players to get into the mindset of what the game is offering, it’s simply a fun game and the graphics help deliver that. Controls are also smooth, a jerky thumb movement will move the reticule sharply, so calmness on the stick is needed to allow quick trap placements mid game and headshots with whatever main weapon you have.
The game also offers an extended spellbook and upgrade system, with favourites from the original being brought back and over 50 traps and weapons to play with. The upgrade system has an opportunity to improve more than 225 traps and weapons, making it easier to kill every enemy that comes forth.
Excitingly, a hoarde type mode is being introduced. Wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies to succumb to devious traps, strategically placed will bring countless re-playability and endless satisfaction. Of course this is added to the ‘Nightmare’ mode, whereby levels are harder and quicker, giving players another way to try to out their friends on the leaderboards.
Owners of the original will get a little extra treat upon getting the new release (more than likely a novelty outfit,but you never know), including 10 co-op versions of ‘fan-favourite’ levels. This is certainly one to grab and for about ten pounds (or the American equivalent), it is a real bargain, having played the first one and been very impressed, I can not wait for this to come out. Now is the time that the Orcs Must Die!