Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Ghost Recon future soldier

Firstly a thanks to Ubisoft for sending me an early copy of the game.
Lets get Started
The storyline for Ghost Recon isn’t that bad, it’s based on a scenario where Russian president has been overthrown by a genocide General with the help of splinter groups, his goal is to bring back Russia to its former glory.
As you start the game you are in pursuit of a weapons shipment from the south of America to the US mainland as part of Predator team.
who unknowingly fall fowl to Raven rocks trap when they come across a nuclear device which was destined for the mainland US.
after this incident and the loss of Predator team, you are tasked as Kozak with Hunter Team to find out who is supplying these weapons and their reasons behind it.
As you progress through the game you uncover more of what is really happening and what you must do to stop this from getting any worse than it really is.
Each Level uncovers new threats and new parts of the plot which builds up the bigger picture of what is happening in the game and what you must do to bring it all to an end.
but for those that play games for the storyline you have to remember Ghost Recon really isn’t built around the whole immerse yourself into the plot of things and more the game play and how you interact with the environment.
Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the storyline and it was great, simple and straight to the point
But as mentioned this game isn’t really a story orientated game.
Game play
this is where Ghost Recon gets top marks, one thing I loved about playing Ghost Recon has been how easy and fast you can adjust yourself to the new play style of the game.
Keeping your player safe and out of line of Fire is very important when you want to take out targets fast and effectively without being given extra holes to breath out of.
one thing which was a great touch and improvement was the combat HUD which allows you to select an area of the map you want to run to and duck behind before being shot.
the added touch of destructible environment was a great addition as well as it meant you can’t camp in one area for too long as you leave yourself exposed to enemy fire.
Synchronised Targeting
Single player or play with three of your friends, One great aspect of Ghost Recon has to be synchronised targeting of enemy forces and taking them out simultaneously without giving them a chance to see you coming.
This feature allows you to be more discreet when it comes to infiltrating objectives without having to fight your way through hordes of enemy combatants coming at you guns blazing.
You will find this feature of the game to be priceless and pretty much valued as you play through the levels as it makes it easier to complete mission objectives.
Be warned though if you have more than four hostile targets in the vicinity you will still set off an alert so target wisely and take your time.
Weapons Customization
The best part of every start of a mission, Ubisoft have made it so almost all aspects of the weapon
The closet I have seen to anything like this has to be Metal Gear solid 4 by Konami where you could change parts of your weapon to suit the mission and the environment you are going into.
Ubisoft have taken this and taken it a whole step further by allowing you to customise your weapons even further, not just cosmetics but you can customise things from the But to the which Trigger you want installed in the weapon.
Each customisation has an effect on the weapon which effects its performance and how well it does in the mission.
as you progress through the game (the better you score and challenges you unlock) the more weapons are at your disposable. Weapons can also be unlocked through guerrilla warfare which can be used in the campaign mode.
Assets /Equipment
During the campaign you are given equipment and gear which are vital to your mission, one of which is your trusty UAV Drone and unlike its predecessor from previous Ghost Recon games this one is smaller and more versatile platform.
UAV Drone
The drone can be used to scout out areas ahead of you and your team before you get spotted by hostile forces, by going into the drone mode you can also target enemy forces for synchronised killings by your team and in most cases yourself where you target a group of four hostile forces.
and the best thing about this little toy, its portable platform which you launch by hand and can carry around (no more large target in the sky for hostile forces).
Great asset which allows you to see how many hostiles are in your vicinity, this feature also allows you to target hostiles for synchronised shootings with your team mates.
one great thing about the sensors is it gives you a target radios in which it is effective, this allows you to make the most of them by throwing them strategically in different areas to make most of the sensor range.

Augmented Camo

and finally the most Valuable asset you will get in your arsenal is the augmented Camo which allows you to blend into your surroundings.
(this is great for sneaking up behind your targets or getting to an objective without being seen) the only downside to this is that it’s not designed to be used while you are mobile but only when you are prone and motionless or moving very slowly.
so be prepared to take your time and enjoy the wonderful views the game has to offer.
Ubisoft have outdone themselves on this part and I congratulate them on that.
Combat in Ghost Recon is great as you have many ways to deal with threats,
Rambo (not in all scenarios allow this lol) in most Levels you can go in guns blazing and shoot everything up and get away with it.
Sam Fisher (go in quietly and take out targets without being seen)
Or finally be a damn pantheist and sneak past as many people as you can without alerting them to your present and only killing those that you can’t get past without being detected.
The controls for Ghost Recon haven’t changed that much from previous series and are simple and basic and only take a few minutes to learn if you are new to the series.
At the end of the day the game was great fun, the storyline wasn’t over the top and kept basic and simple.
its good to see Ubisoft focused more on the game play aspect of the game and made it more immersive for the player by allowing more interaction with the environment and how the player went about reaching objectives.
The dialogue between AI players wasn’t to shabby and the tone from the characters matched them greatly.
At the end of the day if you are still on the fence about this game, I urge you to at least Rent it out and see for yourself.
Online Review to come tomorrow…….