Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

In Less than six months Two Games will be released

Halo 4 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
Why you are wondering I have labelled this  Clash of the Titans?
Both Games are Pretty much the most hyped games of their times and in respect both Brands have their followers in large numbers.
This is shown by the sales figures when these games hits the shelf’s of Game stores around the world by selling million+ copies in just the first few days of launch.

Before you look at the Chart and laugh your head off, do take into account Halo has only been sold on Xbox/Xbox 360 with 1 and 2 only debuting on PC, while the Call of Duty Series has Sold on all Major platforms giving it a Far Larger target audience.
Why clash of the Titans? in November 2012 both Activision and Bungie will be launching their games within days of each other.
Now you may be thinking so what and both games have nothing in common?
In that respect you are pretty much correct, both games are different in respect to story and game play and the immersive experience is different.
The only common ground would be both are FPS and requires a player to get from objective A to Objective B through enemy soldiers and in case of Halo Aliens.
With Both Games containing similar online multiplayer game play.
Being two blockbuster games and the time frame in which the publishers have set them for launch, it is a scenario where both Activision and Bungie want to see who sells the most games compared to each other (not that I am saying the two parties running bets on Sales)
Lets have a little back story on the Games.
Halo Series
The Halo Series first started off with Halo Combat evolved and was based on a planet (Well artificial planet shaped like a ring) where Humans are at war with a species called the Covenant who are on a Holy war to wipe out the heretics which are humans in this case.

As you Progress through the series you learn new things about the Rings and their true purposes and who created them and the reasons for their creation.

Unlike Normal Games where you have a series go from 1,2,3,4 and so forth with each game carrying on from its predecessor, The Halo Series jumps from one time to another where for example in Halo 3 you are at the end of the line and are taking out the Covenant to Halo Reach where it all began and almost at the start of the conflict of the interspecies war (Humans Vs Covenant)

The Halo Series hasn’t changed much in terms of game play apart from Halo wars which was a more of a RTS where it involved more of using strategic thinking to get to and reach certain objectives in the game. (Think Command and Conquer, ok its almost exactly like Command and conquer)

In Terms of Sale Bungie did make a slight mistake as compared to the other games Sold in the series, Halo Wars took the least money globally.

Call Of Duty Series

Call of Duty hasn’t been around as Long as the Halo Series and unlike the Halo,
Call of Duty is Cross platform and designed to played the major consoles.
For Call of Duty unlike the Halo Franchise which has been developed by the same studio,
Call of Duty has turned into a Franchise name instead taken on by two or more studios for launch every year with a different storyline model.
Unlike the Halo series which has somewhat of a reoccurring theme where you follow a set storyline,
in the Call of Duty Series you are presented with different stories on each game that has been released.
Only after Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare has the developers kept to a main storyline for the game,
Granted Treyarch didn’t start following the trend after Modern warfare 2 with the release of Black ops which will have a sequel later on this year.

Looking at figures Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare with 16.76million+ Units sold worldwide
It took the Call of Duty Series and truly put it on the Map with the game style and bringing into the modern era with true immersive game play.
with that into account the way InfinityWard designed and developed the game they have brought one thing to the series which its predecessors wasn’t able to, and this is the hype and anticipation from millions of Fans worldwide who now Lap up the game as soon as it hits the self.
Once a company has built the hype and has the base it truly can expect to carry on a franchise.
this is something both Activision and Bungie have with these two Brands.
Personally I look forward to trying both games out and see what things have been improved on the games and how the developers have exceeded themselves.

Feel Free to use Search to Look up Halo 4 or Call of Duty Black Ops 2 🙂

Quick Correction, Before I branded Bungie as Bungie Microsoft, which has been corrected lol.
Bungie had become independent from Microsoft with microsoft now only owning a small share in the company.
Don’t think because Microsoft don’t hold all the cards for the company they will allow cross platform release of Halo 4 though.
Due to the game being a hardcore exclusive for Microsoft they won’t let it happen lol