Dead Space 2: Severed – Review.

Severed has a parallel storyline to the original Dead Space 2 campaign. Although it’s life span is only two chapters, Severed still manages to keep things immersive and the player at the edge of their seats. With a new point of view on the outbreak and a story line separate to Isaac Clarke almost completely. Severed has us tagging along with Gabe Weller, a surviver of the previous outbreak. As everything spins out of control and Titan Station spirals into chaos Gabe finds the odds stacked against him. But a satisfying arsenal with a hint of determination will help Gabe find his way to his primary objective as well as unravel more of the mystery behind the Marker and it’s psychotic followers. Everything that made the Dead Space 2 campaign horrifically immersive and overly satisfying is in Severed. It is a great addition to the Dead Space universe and I can not wait for further DLC or the next game in the series.