Dead Space 2: Review.

Dead Space 2 picks up three years after the original game ended, with Isaac Clarke waking up on the Sprawl (a space station built on one of Saturns Moons. Also called Titan Station) to find that all is not well. Due to the ignorance of human greed another Necromorph outbreak has occurred and it is up to Isaac to uncover the truth behind Titan Station. Dead Space 2’s campaign builds a rich environment from the moment Isaac first opens his eyes. By giving Isaac a voice this time round not only does it make him more believable as a character but it also opened up conversations between Isaac and other characters. Which adds to the games already amazing level of immersion.

Most importantly, Dead Space 2 is scary. Alot of other horror games just can’t seem to build a horror environment. The Resident Evil series has jumped over to action adventure and the Gears series is classified as a horror shooter but it’s more of a beautiful gore title. Like Bayoneta . . . off topic but moving on. Weither it be Titan Station, the horrific monsters and psychotic loonies that inhabit it or your own subconscious there is something to terrify everyone in this game. The new additions to your arsenal as well as some old friends add satisfaction to the dismemberment of the alien race. New variations of Necromorphs keep the combat engaging and messy with new combat strategies.

A big new thing in Dead Space 2 is full 360 movement in Zero G Areas. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed space so much before. The mulitplayer is immersive and balanced. The objective based game play adds thought to the madness. And stepping into the Necromorph role is satisfying. There is not much else I can say without spoiling the game in some magnificent fashion. So I’ll conclude this review by saying Dead Space 2 is a beautiful horror game that stands out in it’s genre.