Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3

You Heard it right Assassins Creed 3 will be hitting the market in just under 6 months,
So Far we have seen the life of the famous Altair as we walked through his footsteps
and became one of the greatest assassins known.
We were then given the opportunity to walk through the footsteps of Ezio Auditore
as we went through his life from his carefree life to the leader of the Brotherhood.
As the Sega of Assassins creed has been Released we have been given brief images of the true meaning of the game, granted some of these have been hidden within the game and placed in puzzles and quests.
SO Far these images and visions combined have built a story within themselves.
the reason behind Assassins Creed and what is and will be the purpose of your final
mission which is yet to come.
To save the world from a great disaster which has already claimed the lives of the previous inhabitants of the planet.
So basically what seems to be a 2012 disaster movie.
One great thing about Assassins Creed has been the story and the interactions with the world its self, as you play the game and immerse yourself into the surroundings, as you walk in the footsteps of your player.
There is no linear game play in Assassins Creed and that is what makes it a great game as you get to choose how you play the game, how you go about reaching an objective.
its not some 2D world where you have to follow one straight path but an open world where almost all areas are yours to use.
As Assassins Creed has been developed it has allowed the developers to get more out of the gaming engine allowing for a more immersive environment and player interaction.

an example of this is the texture of the game, if you compare Assassins Creed  to the latest Assassins Creed Revelations, The texture of the environment is more detailed and allot more smoother.
As time has gone by Assassins Creed has increased in quality and game wise the story has not faulted in my view, by sticking to a great storyline Ubisoft have created a Game which has the ability to still impress.
Now on Assassins Creed 3
So in October we shall be leaping forward about 450 years or so as we come to the American Revolution and play as Connor Kenway as we fight seek Justice and Vengeance.
Unlike the previous Assassins Creeds, Assassins Creed 3 will allow the user to play with multiple weapons, yes including a rifle (don’t worry its flint rifle so you won’t be doing multiple sharp shooting with the weapon)
I am Looking forward to using the Tomahawk as it looks sweet as hell.
So get Ready to Take on the Brits as you help the Americans win their War if Independence
And if you are like me Gamestop Have got the Exclusive for the Freedom Edition so Pre-order your copy now 😀
Or you could just get the Normal Editon

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