Playstation 4?

Playstation 4?
Rumours have started to fill the Web yet again of the next Generation of Sony Consoles to hit the market.
What is known so Far?
Release Scheduled sometime 2013
Isn’t Backward compatible (so forget playing your Playstation 3 games let alone PS1/2)
This has some merit to it as it has been picked up by the official PlayStation magazine which gives it some credibility.
So at the end of the day it’s just sketchy information being leaked into the gaming community and I won’t really call what is being said accurate for now.
My hopes are that Sony Learn from their Mistakes of what they did with the Playstation 3 launch and try and keep it affordable and keep the console backward compatible for gamers.
Reason I say they keep it backward compatible is because like most gamers I have a library of Classic games which range from the Sony Playstation 1/2 to which will be the predecessor to Playstation 4 the Playstation 3.
Sony was the pioneers of Gaming console in the 90s with the hit Playstation followed by the Playstation 2,
hopefully Sony go back to their routes and give us a console which will put our faith back in the console manufacturer