Fall of Game pt2

The Fall Of Game Pt2
So tonight I came home from work, put my feet up and started browsing the Bio ware forums
when something caught my eyes, Mass Effect 3 Will not be stocked at Game stores
now as a Mass Effect Fan I went emo for a few minutes until I saw that Blockbusters had it in stock and with that a breath of relief  as I ordered myself a copy (thankfully before it went out of stock again) Yeap the Xbox 360 collectors editions are damn hot as they run out fast.
So previously I spoke about how Game Plc was screwed and how they are hemorrhaging money with their share prices taking almost 90% dive.
So their Credit sucks and they had to come up with new ways to deal with their creditors.
Closing Stores and firing staff being some of the changes to save money
After reading that Mass Effect won’t be stocked I found it interesting to see that it’s not just Mass Effect but other Top releases that are coming out.
and to quote Eurogamers
” The memo also states that the company will not take any further deposits or pre-orders for forthcoming EA titles FIFA Street, Tiger Woods 13 and Sims 3 Showtime.”
this is the biggest blow to the company as this game would have propped up their sinking ship for a bit longer just because of the pure demand for the game.
now with game publishers refusing to supply Game plc with games, what does this mean for the Titanic of game distributors.
just like the maiden voyage of the Titanic which was the envy of all ships on the seas, Game was also the envy of game retailers.
As they lose faith in their customer base
Is this the End of Game plc and its stores, is the long run of the Gaming giant coming to an end as it finds it harder to compete on the market?
guess the next few months will show us
For Pt one of the Fall of Game