Fall of Game Plc

The Fall of Game
Anyone that lives in the UK will know what Game is as it’s been a part of our high street for over a decade,
Game Plc Own the Monopoly when it comes to game distributors when it comes to the gaming market, one reason they hold so much weight when it comes to Games (yes even to the extent of Digital distribution,
this was shown when the release of Saints Row the third had to be taken off Steam due to Game Plc getting their knickers in a twist that they would be losing out on PC sales as people would go for the digital version instead of going in store or ordering online)
the threat of Game Plc boycotting THQ was enough for them to pull the game off Steam for a couple of days.
You may say they can’t really own that many stores and brands?
Game Plc own the following
Electronics Boutique
So they went on a spending spree and bought up Game stores nationwide and in the process they rebranded some and left others as they were, in some instances having game stores owned by Game plc within minutes away from each other.
to be Fair this looks like nothing but greed on part of Game Plc as it most people who would walk past these stores they wouldn’t really think that they are owned by the same company.
Give the illusion of some competition on the high street and that people actually have a wider choice of stores to shop from when in reality their choice of competition in most cases would just be limited to the following
Only Decent one out the three would be Blockbusters as HMV and Zavvi seem overcharge for their games compared to Blockbusters and yes in most cases Game plc.
So Game Plc went on a spending Spree and bought out a large percent of the market share (bare in mind this was before the internet boom and online retailers were just starting to pop up)
So thinking they could get away with this they bought out the stores and kept stores running without thinking of any consequences which may arise from running multiple stores in such proximity to each other.
so Reality finally hit the people at Game HQ as their Sales plummet as more people buy games online and from other retailers.
with record loss to their company they have decided to bury their heads in the sand and close as many stores as possible.
the Irony to this is they don’t seem to be closing stores based on how profitable the stores are but according to the time they have left on the lease.
So a Store could be top of the region when it comes to bringing in the customers
and still be closed down, while a store which comes in bottom of the region remain open due to their lease being longer.
This was verified by game employees when asked, I was told a store which makes rubbish sales would be kept open but their store would be closed due to the lease time running out first.
I was also told this was due to rent increases in the area which was increased dramatically which would play some part in the closure of the store.
which ever smart genius thought about this deserves a medal for pure stupidity.
For  over a decade Game plc was leading the way in the gaming market but over the years instead of adapting to the market the people who run the company have fought it instead of adapting to it.
What does the future hold for a company which can’t manage its self?
look at Woolworths for Decades it was the most recognised store on the high street and look what happened to it as it failed to adapt in time to the market changes, Bankrupt and gone from the market place for good.
Game Plc need to look at their staff at their main Headquarters  and start to get rid of the dead weight there and get some people who know how to run a company before they end up like many companies who have vanished off the high street due to poor management and choices.
I can’t really say more on this as it would be more of attacks on the management for being incompetent fools.

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