Rayman 3D

Rayman 3D


An army of Robot Pirates has invaded Rayman’s world and is enslaving its inhabitants. Rayman has been captured and needs to regain his powers and escape the prison ship to save his world.
If you think you’ve heard this one before, it’s because you probably have. Yup, you guessed it. This is Rayman 2: The Great Escape all over again.
Rayman 3D is a port of the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 and the gameplay is still the same. You can control Rayman by using the circle pad to move around, Y to shoot balls of energy from your fists, B to jump, and B again to activate your helicopter hair. For the most part, these controls work very well.
Swimming, though, takes a little time to get used to. Unlike most 3D platformers, you use X to go toward the surface, A to dive deeper , and the circle pad to move from side to side.The camera is another issue which was common about 12 years ago when Rayman 2 was first released.
There is a good variety in the 21 levels. Most of them are pretty lengthy. Some require sliding down steep slopes, while others require riding on rockets and other strange ways to get from “Point A to Point B”. The only thing unique to Rayman 3D is the added 3D effect and while great at times, it is too inconsistent to justify another release.

Graphics and Sound
Compared to other 3DS games, Rayman 3D has sub-par graphics. The look was not given an upgrade from the Dreamcast version and it certainly shows. Many images like plants and clouds are 2D and there are too many polygons that should have been smoothed out over time.
I found the music to be quite good. It makes good use of instruments like acoustic and electric guitars and there were plenty of memorable and unique tunes. Unique to games other than ports of Rayman 2, of course.
Even the music had problems, though. There were times when the music would inexplicably stop and not restart until you entered another area in the level. This wouldn’t happen often, but it was still annoying.
I thought the voices of the characters were done well. One complaint that some people may have is that the game lacks the voice acting found in the PlayStation 1 and 2 versions. I generally prefer characters speaking gibberish, but that will vary from person to person.
The story is more interesting than most other 3D platformers. In this game, you have to fight off Robot Pirates from space who have invaded your world and have enslaved most of the population. I’ll take that over saving a princess for a living.
The game gives you periodic updates on the story through cut scenes on the prison ship. These cut scenes show you game’s main villain, Admiral Razorbeard, as well as the number of slaves aboard. Most cut scenes were well-executed except for when the 3D is turned on. Ghosting, or seeing more than one of an image, is a big issue in this game.
Although the characters are strange, I thought they were relatable and very likable. Some dialogue could have been done better, but the game still has its humorous moments.


Gameplay: 7.0

Graphics: 4.5

Sound: 7.0

Presentation: 6.5

                Overall: 6.8 (not an average)

Rayman 2 was and still is one of my favorite games, but after about ten ports, it just feels old. If you have never played Rayman 2 before, I would recommend at least renting it. If you have played Rayman 2, you should probably pass this one up.

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