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Resident Evil

Its official Resident Evil 6 has got a release date. November 20, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3
sadly as usual PC version like almost all game releases will be delayed and a date hasn’t been set in stone for it.
People who have played Resident Evil game will know the transformation the genre has gone through over the decades from the humble start as Bio hazard for the Sony Playstation to multiplatform game from just the 2 dimensional to 3D for the Nintendo 3DS to the successful movies which have been released.
Since a demo for 6 isn’t available just yet I will be talking about Resident Evil in general from the original Resident evil aka bio hazard to Resident Evil 5, games which I have enjoyed over the years and have had hours of entertainment from.
Let’s get started on this
For anyone that hasn’t played or heard of Resident evil which is pretty hard as this game has been plastered all over the place thanks to the following reasons.
Main Characters
Albert Wesker
Resident Evil (1996)
Chris Redfield
Resident Evil (1996)
Claire Redfield
Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Jill Valentine
Resident Evil (1996)
Leon S. Kennedy
Resident Evil 2 (1998)
Rebecca Chambers
Resident Evil (1996)

  1. Most successful game since 1996
  2. 3 Movies have been launched with 4th in the works
  3. Made headlines over Racism since game was in Africa and didn’t have enough white people (I joke it was because some people found making too many black people zombies was racist)

So if you have been living under a rock here is the history of Resident Evil.
Resident evil was first launched in Japan under the name of Bio Hazard and based on a fictional bio weapons company called Umbrella Cooperation which develops as you guessed it bio engineered weaponry.
This company is global and has bases and plants across the world.
In the First game we see a group of Stars take shelter in a abandoned mansion
The original game is based in Racoon city where Umbrella are working on a new Virus called the T-Virus which mutates the human body into a zombie state and can reanimate the dead also into flesh eating zombies.
The virus Leaks out and starts to infect the citizens of Racoon City forcing the Company to seal off the city completely from the outside world.
Now the fight for survival begins and the rush to find out who is responsible for the outbreak.
Throughout the Resident evil games you get to explore so much and so many places,
from the Mansions to the City of Racoon City to the depths of Africa.
one thing for me that I enjoyed about the series was upgrading weapons and picking up ammo parts and being able to customise them to my needs. (one thing I miss in later release of Resident Evil games which was being able to pick up Ammunition parts and build them)
Resident Evil has never been a game where you walk in and shoot up group of flesh eating zombies as they try and tear your flesh from your body, the game is also about navigating the surroundings and using Clues and answers to get from one destination to another by unlocking entrances.
This gave the extra piece in my opinion as it meant nothing was just given to you on silver platter but something you had to do your selves and earn.
But I will be honest, as I do feel Resident Evil as great game as it was due to reasons I will share in a moment did lack the challenge that the predecessors of
The reason I say this is because the Puzzles were too easy and almost all secrets were in most cases in plain sight.
So I do feel they have gone to casual on this area to appeal to the casual gamers, but in doing so Capcom did lose apart of Resident Evil which made it great in my eyes.
But even so the game was worth it as it did bring in new Features to the genre
Online Multiplayer
Co-op Online Multiplayer
and Extra maps and missions
As much as the whole multiplayer thing is overrated these days as more and more game producers try and tie in the aspect of people killing each other online to extend the shelf life of the game that bit extra.
I feel that there was a good balance in Resident Evil as the Maps and Game modes are great
Adding the ability to do Co-op was a great feature which meant allowing people to connect with other resident evil gamers to go around and play the game on harder settings, reason I say this is because AI on high difficulty isn’t so great.
The extra Maps were a bonus as it allowed you to replay critical parts in the game and replay parts from the back story of Resident evil (even the puzzles were better than the main game)
At the end of the Resident Evil Has been around well over a decade and with the times it has adapted well to the new surroundings technology and even in some cases Politically correct.
I am looking forward to playing the Demo and in time getting my Hands on Resident Evil 6 to write a better and more in depth review of the game.
See how the game has changed in the last few years and how Capcom have changed it to the better or worse.

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