Great News for Mass Effect Fans

After Reading the News feed on facebook from the Mass Effect 3 Page I was happy to see that everyone that downloads the Demo for Mass effect will also get Free access to Xbox live (Doubt Microsoft are doing this out the goodness of their hearts)
As any way to show off Xbox live Gold is a win for Microsoft
So the Demo of Mass Effect will be available to download from the Xbox live market place on the 14th of February this year.
Personally this is something i am looking forward to playing and reviewing as a Mass Effect Fan, it will be fun to see how multiplayer works with the series and how well Bio-ware have adapted it.
Going in line with previous Xbox live events and Free Gold time for Silver users,
I am guess this will last from 24 hours to 48 hours as most trial accounts go for.
So people get ready to finally Play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on the 14th
and the Game next month on 9th of March