News Update : Get Ready for some old school dust cleanin' !

Brisbane, Australia – 10th January – Independent game development studio Hitbox Team recently announced the global release of their 2D sweep-‘em-up platformer Dustforce, to be made available on Steam on January 17th this year, for a price of $9.99 for PC(Windows), following it up with an update for Mac shortly thereafter.

Cleaning the world in style !

A launch trailer was recently uploaded on YouTube dated 9th January showing off the gameplay, sound design, and art style of the title. At first glance, comparisons with Team Meat’s hit platformer game Super Meat Boy, released in 2010, will be inevitable. The blocky yet super smooth art style, the retro inspired sound design, and even the platforming sections are reminiscent of the extremely well received and successful indie title.
But with a minute remaining in the trailer, a gameplay element is revealed that vastly differentiates the both of them, combat. Yes, u heard it right! Equipped with a stylish yet deceivingly deadly and handy broom, you are tasked with not only performing daring acrobatic manoeuvres, but also using your weapon to cleanse off your dusty, dirty foes! The game reportedly has 50 levels, employing the ever effective “easy to learn, hard to master” formula, with lots of challenges for even the most hardcore gamers looking for a tough fight. Dustforce also offers an online leaderboard where you can watch replays of other players’ best attempts. In addition to a challenging single player mode, a four player local multiplayer will be included featuring game modes like “King Of The Hill” and “Dust Rush” for some co-op dust mashing!
In addition to the gameplay, the trailer highlights the game’s beautiful environments featuring a distinct art style. Hitbox’s art and game designer Woodley Nye said “I wanted to settle on a style that was fairly simple, allowing for lots of frames of animation. Hard edged shadows have always worked well for me”. In response to the soothing and instantly captivating retro music of Dustforce, Hitbox’s music and sound designer Terence Lee said “We wanted the music to evoke some feelings of retro games, but done in a modern way that fits the game style.  I did this by using some simple electronic sounds, like sine and saw waves that you’d find in older games, but produced with modern effects and samples. I made each song with an idea of what mood I wanted to capture and just worked from there.  It was interesting for me because I am always learning as I go, and I feel like I’ve improved my skills significantly since working on my first few songs, so sometimes I have to go back and rework those songs to get everything at the same level of quality”. Lee also explained the process of designing the game’s unique multiplayer mode. “We’ve been having a lot of fun designing the game’s multiplayer mode. I think we’ve found the right balance between movement and combat, which makes for really exciting battles”.
Lets hope it delivers well !
(For those not acquainted with the developers, Hitbox Team is a 4 member team of passionate and dedicated gamers, just like us! It consists of Woodley Nye – the art and game designer, Lexie Dostal – the game coder, Matt Bush – the engine code writer, and Terence Lee – the sound and music designer.)
Check out the trailer of the game here :