Batman: Arkham City

Well folks, its here. The next installment in the Batman series from Warner Brothers and Rocksteady: Batman Arkham City.
Unlike the first game which took place in and around Arkham Asylum which left the game feeling a little cramped, Arkham City gives you the open expanse of an entire section of city to play around in much like what you would see in a game such as GTA. That combined with an epic story line and out right awesome game play make this sequel truly a game to which will be hard to rival in its genre.
Arkham City has a lot packed into it.  From following the main story points, side missions, finding and recovering every single Riddler trophy, to challenge maps, you’re going to have a hard time putting it down……not to mention the weeks and weeks of time spent playing to finish every single aspect of the game.  This is one reason I truly feel that Arkham City will be/is one of the top games for the 2011 year.
Here’s a couple of in game footage videos I made:
Batman Beatdowns
Catwoman Brawler
The fight mechanics in the game are awesome!  I love the fact that you can counter an incoming blow while severely laying the smack down on another thug but personally I love that I can either go full out beat em up or be all ninja like and take out my foes silently……which definitely is a must in some…if not close to all situations depending on the difficulty you have the game set at. Playing on normal was quite challenging.
Another awesome thing about it is that after you finish the main story and you think you are done….think again. It allows you to continue playing to finish up any thing you might have missed such as the Riddler trophies or other side missions. You also get the chance to play as Catwoman during parts of the main story line (she kicks ass….literally) and even better, once the main story line is finished and you get to play even more….you can switch between the Bats and Catwoman at certain parts of the map.
All in all in my personal opinion, this has to be one of the best releases of the 2011 year just for the sheer enjoyment and longevity of the game. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and I still haven’t finished everything.
Arkham City has everything a boy or girl could want in a game. All the classic Batman rivals, gadgets galore, puzzles, an open and large environment to explore and a TON of action! That and all the downloadable content will make your mouth water for months.
So down to the brass taxes:
Gameplay: 10/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Replay ability/longevity : 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Open environment: 9/10 …….. only because I’m comparing it to games like Fallout 3
This game is a MUST have for any true gamer.
– QBSneak000