The Return of The Classics

The Return of The Classics
In the next Few Months we can see titles from the past brought back to life in HD quality
up scaled using the latest software and computers to give that extra bit of oomph.
So far we have
Metal Gear Solid HD collection
Kingdom Hearts HD collection
Jak and Daxter HD collection
Devil may cry HD collection
and much more
In my opinion This is great as the originals aren’t compatible with current systems by porting them over to the latest generation of consoles
as older classic games are revamped and up scaled in graphics it will give the ability to play older games of latest releases, gamers can get a sense of feeling of the game and its history then having only the option to play the current game and then judging the game from that release.
at the end of the day old school games in most cases have more depth, Character.
and that’s something I miss in most games which are released in this day and age.
maybe with the rise of the older games, game developers will return to their roots and produce games which enticed and made gamers keep on coming back for more.
This will also revive most companies by giving them extra revenue from game sales increasing the chances of them producing more and better games.
I Look forward to peoples thoughts on this (Click here for forum Link)