Goldeneye – Retro Review

This weeks, albeit slightly late, retro review is the legendary Goldeneye on the N64.

This game was pretty much the foundation for 1st person shooters and was widely regarded as one of the best multiplayer games of all time. There was a wide selection of characters, levels and weapons and lots of different game modes to make the replay hours in the triple digits.
The story mode was true to the movie, with a few added pieces to flesh the game out a bit. You star as James bond, trying to stop the evil Janus group from using a cold war weapon to destroy the world’s economy (turns out they just needed to take out few high risk mortgages). In order to carry this out, you go across Russia, and to Cuba across large levels with many enemies to beat, along with the odd boss encounter. The objectives help you to carry out key points from the story and give you direction, although only give you a hint, and not the answer, you have to do a lot of your own legwork, which gives you lots to do.
The multiplayer was outstanding. I personally spent several hours of my childhood playing this game with friends, throwing remote mines at them, or just shooting them in the head with the golden gun. The favourite trick was to be either Jaws or Oddjob, because the character models were taller or shorter, making it harder to shoot you in the head, annoying friends and causing yourself hilarity.
The graphics of this game were amazing considering the time period, and the level of detail