September,October,November…Best months ever?

September, October, November…Best months ever?
Games over the past few years, have the occasional mouth watering release. But from September, could this be the best 3 months of releases ever?!
Let’s take it back to where it all started. The release of “Dead Island”, following its  utterly lip smacking trailer, had us feeling like this was the game to end all zombie games. While yes, it was a brilliant game, the amount of corrupt saves I personally went through was rather infuriating, and I wasn’t alone. But overall the satisfaction level from the free-roam, zombie infested, beautiful island of Banoi helped overcome the technical glitches, and lack of character depth, and pushed us on our way to every skull cracking kill we could find with our electrified sledgehammer, (just for the extra crunch).
Also  in September, we had the release of: “Resistance 3”, “FIFA 12”, “Pro Evolution Soccer 12” , “NHL 12”, “Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine” and the long awaited “Gears of War 3”. There are certainly some individually great games not marketed as widely as those mentioned, don’t get me wrong. But for ‘big titles’, September was quite full of them. I purchased “FIFA 12” from the end of  September, it looked quite handsome next to the Dead Island case I must admit.
“FIFA 12” for me is quite a disappointment. The physics engine it had been boasting about isn’t quite what i was expecting, all it is really, is more emphatic falling over. It can be quite annoying going for a simple standing tackle, only for your player to glitch and fly half way across the pitch. The online is also displeasing. Opponents who concede within 5 minutes tend to quit, meaning they don’t receive a loss, which is extremely frustrating and some of the AI decisions, positioning and ability are ridiculous, especially on Pro Clubs. But nevertheless, it is still the best football (soccer) game out there, and until next year, it’s what we are stuck with. I expect another minor change in FIFA 13 and for there to still be many problems, yet i will probably still purchase it and be angry with a smile on my face at the same time. Damn you, amazing 30 yard effort!
Moving into October, we have seen the release of “Dark Souls”, the frustrating sequel to the terrifying “Demon Souls” as well as: “NBK 12”, “RAGE”, “Orcs Must Die” (a review of which will be posted very shortly and in short, it’s a fabulously appeasing tower defence game with a appealing cartoon style), “Batman: Arkham City”, “Battlefield 3”, ”Forza 4” and “Ace Combat:Assault Horizon” so far. That is one hell of a release list! There is certainly going to be a huge rift in my bank account by December…at least I’ll have an excuse as to why they each received bubble-wrap for Christmas. Here, I’m particularly looking forward to purchasing Battlefield 3, i really do think it is the “CoD Killer”. I played the Beta and was thoroughly impressed with the team effort (I could have just been lucky with decent squads), the class system, the huge maps, and the graphics. Many people were slating it for the glitches, but they saw it as a demo, and not for the Beta it was.
This isn’t to say that there have been a fair amount of ‘misses’ too. “Worms Crazy Golf”…really? “Hulk Hogan’s Main Event”…i think I’ll give that a miss too. But in comparison to the amount of misses, the hits surely outweigh, and not only do they outweigh, they tip the scales! We haven’t even reached November where “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, “GoldenEye: Reloaded”, “Saints Row: The Third”, “Halo Combat: Anniversary” and “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” will be released, and my personal highlight, “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. The free-roam, RPG; swords, shields, magic and Dragons! Sounds to me like it will be another massive seller from Bethesda, I was sold months ago!
So, has there been another time where we have seen so many highly anticipated releases? Or is it due to the amount of developers all pushing us to buy through mass marketing? It is much easier than ever to get an advertisement out to people today. However on the other hand, some games have been hugely marketed only to be a huge let down. But I’m thinking of games years back. “Star Fox Adventures” springs to mind.
Here’s hoping that 2012 will have similar sequencing months for some phenomenal games. Games that will make students fail, consoles overheat, PC’s that crash, makes eyes go square, hands becoming crippled but ultimately, a huge rise in enjoyment. Time for me to pawn some family treasures…