Battlefield 3

Greetings all, QBSneak000 here with another review of a great game.
Once again EA and Dice come out swinging with Battlefield 3.
For a long time I have been waiting for a game to match the fun and mayhem of EA’s classic Battlefield 1942/Vietnam series using vehicles and large maps which I fealt BF Bad Company one and two failed in but I have to say Battlefield 3 fits the roll excellently. From campaign, co-op and multiplayer, the game fails to disappoint.
The physics and graphics are excellent and using Frostbite2 Engine, you get all the fun and realism of a destructible landscape which in my opinion made it very challenging having to run from cover to cover without getting blown away.
I’m going to break it down into the 3 categories as each deserves its own writeup.
Single Player Campaign: Wow, I don’t know where to start. The rich storyline kept me glued to the game wanting to see what happens next. Its told on two fronts. The first being a marine undergoing questioning from some alphabet agency. We follow the marines story as he tells it, playing through his memories of it. The second is through the eyes of Dima, a Russian special forces soldier. I love the way EA has tied both of their stories together fighting for a common goal. The environment was beautiful! the realism really added to the experience and the storyline sucked you in making you feel as if you were really there. I also love the fact that throughout the story you play certain other rolls ie: Vehicles!! from an F-18 fighter to a tank rolling though the vast arid desert of Iran you wont be disappointed.
Co-Op: Once again, what a great feature! hop in with a friend and complete missions (which you unlock) including flying attack helicopters! Again the jaw dropping graphics add to the realism and whats more fun than taking on enemy forces with a trusted friend.
Multiplayer: Like most FPS’s you have all the games you come to expect from the Battlefield family from conquest to team death match. What sets this apart from all the rest out there is the use of huge maps, graphics, and of course VEHICLES!!! I played a few matches last night and it was hella fun! I like that EA stuck to the classics when it came to soldier type selection…… Support, Engineer, Recon and Assault. Each has its own specialty and when it comes to team play, having a variety of classes comes in very handy. In fact I would say that its very important to have a bunch of each class.
Assault: Can revive fallen comrades and drop heath packs and start with the M-16a2 for a weapon. You can swap the defibrillator for a grenade launcher.
Engineer: Repairs vehicles, Anti vehicle launcher or mines, good at blowing holes in cover.
Recon: Uses a sniper rifle for long range support, the ability to use a laser designator to mark targets and can set a mobile spawn point/motion sensor for team members.
Support: Uses heavy machine guns, can resupply teammates with ammo, can mount LMG’s for better accuracy. Can use lighter weapons with attachments and C4
All in all, multiplayer is very well rounded with having these classes to choose from and each one plays a vital roll for its teammates. Try them all out as you level each one separately and unlocks for each. For me I love the Engineer if only for using a rocket launcher in tight spaces to take out multiple enemies.
The maps range from small to huge so as to include vehicle combat as well as support for up to 64 players per map!!
I have to say that I believe Battlefield 3 will be winning most of the gaming awards for the next year….I’m going to even say that I think that it will even beat out the up coming Call of Duty.
Well done EA and Dice!!! if you keep bringing us games of this quality you’re sure to corner the gaming market!
Now I do have a couple of beefs about the game and its more of a nitpick than anything. The one thing I didn’t like was not being able to play the single player campaign while the EA server was undergoing maintenance. In my opinion, since the game is on my hard drive, I shouldn’t even need an internet connection to enjoy playing through the single player campaign. The second was the fact that when looking for a multiplayer match, the buttons to refine your search don’t work.
As I play the game further, I will update this blog.
That being said here’s my scores for the game: (Oh and I am mostly a PC gamer with small tendrils in the PS3)
Single Player/Co-op
Gameplay: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Physics 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Fun Factor: 11/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Physics 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Fun Factor: 11/10