Skate 3 – Tony Hawk beater or a bit of a Jackass?

“Team up. Throw down.” Is the motto of this game. Where you start up your own skateboard company, and the objective of the game is to sell as many boards as possible.

"Team up. Throw down" is the name of the game here

Sounds easy right? Just stand somewhere busy asking everyone that passes “Wanna buy a board?”, sounding like one of the annoying people who try to give us leaflets, that we pretend is invisible…
It is much simpler, however, all you have to do to sell boards is: do tricks, take photos, make videos and break bones. The “hall of meat” feature makes a return, with a few tweaks, you can change your body position as you fall through the air, creating some bone crippling displays. Although you’re not on your own for the challenges, you can do some of them using either the default skaters, or creating your own, creating your own skating team in the process.
Another good feature of the teams, is that you don’t have to play on your own, you can have your own team online, made up of your friends, and do all of the tasks online (which also gives you a small bonus). The online is similar to Burnout Paradise, you can easily drop in and out, depending on your mood, making it simple.
The controls remain largely unchanged from the first two games, although a new difficulty setting and skate school helps those new to the series to be introduced gradually, or those familiar to hone thier skills. The skate control system gives you more feel and control than the outdated style of the Tony Hawk games. One example is grinding, in Tony hawk, you hit a button, and grind, wow, that was tough! In Skate 3 however you need to line up your board to the lip, or rail, in order to hit is just right, making you feel so much better for achieving it. You can also place markers, meaning you can keep repeating the same tricks, or shark jumps, over and over, until you get it spot on.
Skate 3 also has a very good, and very simple skate park editor, enabling wacky outlandish creations, or normal simple skate parks. Accessing the custom skate parks can be done by finding them in game, or from the menu, making the experience easy. You can also customise the town of Port Carverton, where the game takes place, using the item dropper. This handy tool can be used allow you to jump over objects, or just to create chaos.
Customising the characters is also a pain free experience, you can change all items of clothing, the way they look, and gender. As you advance through the game, more clothing items and accessories become available, mostly for selling a set amount of boards or beating professional skaters.
The game also features a full replay editor, with changeable cameras and full movie director style features. These can then be shared online, or for a hefty amount of money, can be uploaded to YouTube. This sets the tone for all of the DLC for the game, most of it is very expensive, and a lot of this seems unjustified, so for those of you who like to expand your game, it could end up costing you roughly £40 for all of the DLC, keep an eye out for those sales…
So, to sum up then, I love this game, it keeps you playing with its advanced control scheme, but simple feel. The amount of customisation gives you lots to change, and the teams feature gives you a reason to keep trying to complete objectives. However, the boards selling idea behind the storyline is stupid. I once sold 7,000 boards by falling down some stairs, taking away the realism that has been strived for in the rest of the game. So, those of you who are fed up with the Tony hawk games, or just want to try something new, I implore you, buy this game.