GREED and Game Developers

Are Game companies getting Greedy?
Over the last few Months game producers and publishers have been releasing locked features in games which can only be unlocked by a CODE, this game code comes with the game when bought new.
What the code does and Value
can only be used once.
Restricted to one system (some games limit to one user account on the system).
Costs from 800-1200 MS points.
Parts which are Restricted

some games restrict multiplayer completely so you only can play for 24-72 hours trial.
Some Games Limit how much you can Level up in Multiplayer.
Some Games Restrict game features in game (an example of this is Batman where a small part of the game is restricted to new purchases only.
Main Arguments used by Game companies is that they are losing money from traded in games and the fact that the game companies don’t earn any commission from these games which are traded in.
I say Bull***t
Reason why I say this so bluntly
Most people who trade in games do so to put money towards newer releases from that game company.
Think of it this way, I purchase a Game for £40 on release and 6 months later I go into GAME or Blockbusters and trade that game in for £17 (sometimes less due to game value dropping, this can depend how well received the game is)
So I trade that game in and get that £17 credit, now I take that £17 and then add more money and buy a new release game from that company.
The Producers now are getting Money for the new game.
At the end of the day I put money in their wallets by buying a new game and in doing so that game sales figures will have increased and in effect giving it a boost in terms of popularity.
More Units the producers sell closer to release the better it is for the game producers and publishers.
Now what is more Important, Selling an old Game and forcing people to purchase Online passes or Selling a new game and getting that extra boost.
Also speaking of Trade in and buying pre-owned games, how many gamers bought a pre-owned copy of a game and ended up purchasing a sequel on release date just because the enjoyed that game so much?
I have, when I found games I had never seen or played before I would always rent or buy a pre-owned copy.
Now granted some games are traded in within weeks and months of release, these games are mostly games which players have found (in nice terms, not fun) when a publisher produces a game and it fails epically then expect people to give it up fast.
So the main Argument fails epically and the argument for forcing people who buy pre-owned games over exaggerated as companies make more than enough money on launch of the game.
And in almost a large percentage of the times companies actually benefit from trade-ins as people are more likely to purchase newer releases on release date.
A good YouTube Video to watch

I have to agree with him, how far will game companies go?
So far they are alienating people who purchase pre-owned by slowly restricting more and more of their games.
We already have digital rights content on DLCs which I will be honest is daylight robbery seeing how much Microsoft charge, an example of this is say a game which being sold for £20 in store would be £29-39 on Microsoft market place.
PC games use to be able to be traded in and passed among friends, now almost all PC game are locked to one single account, which means you can pay the same amount you would for a console version but be restricted to just playing it on one PC.
Now imagine cloud gaming or digital content gaming, say goodbye to the physical copy of your game (lets use the new PSP for example) all games are digitally distributed. Once you bought it you are stuck with that game, if you don’t like it then tough as you can’t get rid of it.
We already have this on Playstation and Xbox with the digital distributed games and we have seen how they are restricted.
in my opinion this isn’t about a company losing money and more about Control of the content and how it’s used, these companies want to ensure that the games are sold on their terms and that they can make more money out of it, (Term Milking the cow comes to mind) reason I say this is how much can a company milk a game before it runs dry?
As gamers we have a choice, stand up and say No to companies which Restrict content or take it up the right side and expect them to carry on riding us until we say we have had enough.
One reason I don’t purchase these games New but either rent them or play demos.
Just been informed that Gran Turismo 5 DLC is locked to one account on playstation, so if you have your console in your family room and have mulitple accounts on the system, be ready for a good old fashioned middle finger salute as only the person who purchased the game  DLC can use the extra content.
How far will these companies go to get more money out of their Fans and gamer base?
Not bad way for a game producer to show their gratitude to their customers by restricting as much as they can.