Oh Bethesda, where do I begin? When did you give up on your loyal fans to produce a sub par game.?
Ok….so I bought the game for $60 off the Steam client……. if you are a fan of Fallout 3 (which was an epic game) and you’re expecting much of the same greatness……you’re going to be sadly disappointed. In all the graphics were awesome and the storyline had potential but they dropped the ball on this one. The game itself was too short and the missions…….well, pretty much the same for every one. You get to drive around in a post apocalyptic car with guns but the world (map) itself was very small compared to the vastness of Fallout 3.
The story is set in a post apocalyptic world where you are one of a handful of people placed into an “ARC” with nano tech coursing through your veins, to hopefully rebuild the world after a catastrophic asteroid impact. You are charged with helping the resistance against mutants and the ever evil government “Authority” while running races to upgrade your car.
I found that the world map was small and the missions pretty much the same for all of them. You aren’t even given a choice whether or not you want to play it bad or good……you are stuck as a do gooder. While the game has ways of making money via salvaging from the wasteland I found that there was very little to get and not much money to make as the only salvage was found in “Mission” areas. While your guns don’t get worn out, you are having to constantly buy ammo which you go through pretty quickly. Even still I stuck it out, grinding through the story and missions hoping for some kind of surprise……yep….I got a surprise alright…..the end of the game….in less than a day of play. Lets be honest, this game was over before it even hit the shelves. There isn’t even really any replayablility to it..once your done you don’t even want to play it again.
The game had soooooo much potential to be a great game but they never used it. If they had stuck to the formula that they had for Fallout 3, Rage could have been just as epic a game. Sadly, it seams they pushed this one out to make a quick buck.
Please Bethesda, if you read this, PLEASE go back to what you were great at and make a game that people will play over and over again as they do with Fallout 3, return to your fall from grace!
Gameplay: 4/10
Graphics: 9/10
Fun Factor: 3/10
Replay value: 0/10