Fable III

Here is my review of Fable 3 brought to you by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Windows
Fable 3 Trailer
Ok…where to start.
To be perfectly honest I wasn’t very impressed with it.  If you’ve played the first two then you’ve basically played the third one too.
The story was a bland rehash of the first two basically and quite predictable. You’re older brother, the evil king, needs to be overthrown and you (as the worlds last hero) have to escape the castle then plot a rebellion against him
and reclaim your birthright as a true king……Which is fine if you take the “good” path but it makes absolutely NO sense if you decide to be “Evil”.
So like the first two you make your way in the world to one day lead the masses to revolt against your evil brother, overthrow him and become King while along the way you can get married, own property, open demon doors and complete side quests… of which is a direct rehash of one in the second Fable where you have to find all the gargoyles in the land and kill them…..this time its evil gnomes…..I can see the conversation of development team now….
“Hey we need a new side quest for the third installment. What should we do?”
“how about use the gargoyle quest from the second one…all we need to do is change the skin into ….hey how about evil gnomes? and that way we can save time and money…the consumers won’t notice”
“Great idea!”
I really thought that they would step up their game for the 3rd of a once great series but no… They skimped and it shows.
I found the game play clunky, the missions sub par and the story boring. Even the graphics weren’t that great…and I’m playing on a super computer that can handle the highest settings for all games.
There are a few slight differences
– you can return to your “base of operations” at any point in the game (although there is a seperate room for everything from weapons, wardrobe, saving etc) and the load times were annoying.
– Guitar Hero style mini game
– Pie making mini game
– you’re trusty dog companion is with you from the start, doesn’t seem to ever get hurt or die, AND he points out treasure and dig spots constantly.
As for leveling, once you build up enough points you can enter “the road to rule” and use those points to unlock chests with the various upgrades for magic, weapons, health etc.but in all honesty I found this quite annoying. The first and second of the series was far better for this when you could just open up a menu and choose what you wanted to upgrade
without having to enter a new screen, run along a road until you get the chest you want.  I also found that there were fewer enemies while wondering around making it a lot harder to earn the XP needed to open the upgrade chests.
All in all I found this game to be lacking in almost every aspect to the point I had to stop playing it for fear I would fall asleep.
Some of you might enjoy it though if you can stand the endless monotony.
So here’s my rating
Story: 3/10
Game play 4/10 (Only because the PC version offers Hardcore mode)
Graphics 5/10 (only because the PC version offers 3D gameplay)
Fun Factor: …..tough one but i’ll concede and give it a 4/10 only because it lets you go on dates and become a slum lord.
Sorry Lionhead and Microsoft but you seriously dropped the ball on this one.