Driver San Francisco (Part 2 of Review)

Part one

DRIVER San Francisco Part 2

I did say I would get back to this game after I had played the full game,
well here is the rest of the review
In my original review I spoke about the shift option and how it doesn’t really fit into the driver game or franchise, I take most of it back as in some cases it was quite interesting (not all the time) and fun to use on the side missions.
I won’t say why you can shift and the reasons behind it as it would give away the story and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for the rest of you people who haven’t played it yet or still playing it.
I did find the game a bit to easy as most missions can be completed in a couple of seconds as shifting isn’t limited in most side quests or main missions.
So on that part to me let the game down a tad bit as most of it was a walkthrough and not that much of a challenge.
Example a Race where you have to come first, simple just shift into cars along the road and total the competition and you are done.
Second example is stopping a criminal on the Road, again shift into 2-4 cars depending on size and total the car in couple of seconds or depending on how bad your driving is in a minute or so.
So Driver San Francisco felt like it went casual to the extreme and threw out any (almost all) challenging aspect of Driver.
The storyline is very much straight forward, you are after a escaped convict and you want to know what he has plans are by infiltrating different party members who are associated with him slowly moving up ranks to uncover what’s really going on.
As you progress through the game you discover new insights into what’s happening and increase your abilities.
For example, Increased Sight (allows you to Zoom further out and move faster along the map)
which is use full in most missions when you need to shift fast from location to another very fast to complete an objective.
Other then that the storyline is basically just finish each objective on the map and you progress with the story.
Things that really disappointed me.
1. As mentioned the challenging aspect of Driver and the lack of any real challenge in the game
2. The Boundaries, in all driver games you can’t jump out the road so you are restricted to the Map its self, what really disappointed me was that they kept this invisible boundaries on the bridges as well  so you can’t jump off a bridge into the traffic below. So game boundaries had to many restrictions on that part.
3. Shift, This needed more restrictions as you can just shift as many times as you want with basically no ramifications.
4. WP or known as will power is to easy to gain as the side quests are very easy to do as you can just shift to a easy area and just fly though the task in a few seconds or minutes depending on the task given.
The only good things I can say about Driver San Francisco is that the graphics and texturing is epic and well done and to be honest I think that’s where most the talent has gone as the game felt like it was lacking in so many aspects.
As I said the texturing and graphics were great, I would have put more effort into the game to allow a greater immersive experience with more of a challenge.
at the end of the day I was very disappointed with what Ubisoft Reflections have done to what was a good game when it first came out.
Before you decide to buy this rent the game out and see what you think of the game, warning Ubisoft Reflections now use online code as well so some online features are restricted.