Goodnight and Ultimate Atomic Buster

Super Street Fighter 4.
Super  Street Fighter 4, say it loudly and proudly! SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4! It’s fucking immense.
If you are part of the old skool then you need no introduction to this stone cold classic franchise. If you are part of the new breed who plays fighting games but yet to pick up a copy of SSF4,
put down Soul Caliber, forget everything you thought you knew about fighters and get your grubby mitts around SF. I have been a fan of the SF series since champion edition on the super Nintendo so its fighting mechanics have been permanently drilled into my brain. Recently I convinced a friend who hasn’t played the SF series to purchase SSF4 on the PS3 (I prefer the PS3 version to the Xbox due to the control pad being better suited on the PS3) and it blew my mind,
as he did not even know how to do a Hadouken!  Shit son I was shocked by his years of being a gamer yet so ignorant to a chuffing Haduoken.  So this is how it plays out, if you’ve played previous titles you will be delighted to know you can pick up and get stuck in right away. If your new to the series you will be delighted to know you can pick it up and get stuck in right away. Easy to get started, a son of a bitch to master.
What 2 things really got me excited about this game was seeing the original cast from the golden era of SF 2 all here looking more bad ass then ever. New faces too which is great but hey, the older characters feel like an old dirty pair of jeans. Just right.
And secondly it plays like a dream, your wet dream. Let’s say you choose Sagat and you go to pull of a Tiger Knee and it doesn’t work, well I have bad news for you. YOU SUCK! This games control is smoother than Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ before all the unpleasantness.
The characters are balanced splendidly so no unfair fights, add to that ice cream for the eyes graphics, a pumping soundtrack and smooth as shit controls and you have your self a belter of a fighting game.
Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. The single player arcade mode is just that, pick your fighter, fight your way to the final boss, win then you get to see that fighters ending.
Which 9 times out of 10 its about revenge for you dead dad or master or whatever. But it can be a pain in the arse, for instance you can be beating your way through just fine then come across E Honda and no matter what you do you cant win. The CPU just turns around, farts in your face and says “And what?” well not literally but it may as well.
The sod will counter everything you do! I mean everything! Its not fair, its cheap and just a massive ball ache. Where this game really makes the shit hit the fan is in the 2-player mode. Goodness. Me. You can play online against other real people and that’s cool but nothing beats sitting next to your chum and destroying them, constantly.
Watching their devastated faces twist and contort is just as much fun as the game itself.
And isn’t that what fighting games are all about? Humiliating the other player? Yes, it is. But if you have no friends (like me) then you can play online. At first I was expecting nothing but a barrage of Ryu’s and Ken’s, the most standard characters but seriously hot shit. And yes of course there are plenty of them but oh so much more. Anyway Akuma is my guy so I cant say shit. What I relished straight away and what’s so great about playing online is you will come across a character you like to play as, in my case I was up against Adon. So I thought this will be no sweat of my balls, as I know Adon’s game well. How wrong was I. It was a slaughter. I got spanked back to the stone age. Who ever was controlling Adon showed me how to really use this guy. And that’s great! I mean I was devastated at the loss but seeing another way of using a character I thought I knew so well just added one more character for me to go back and learn to all ready impressive roaster. And this for me is were the game really shines, you can know the special moves, the ultra combos and so on, but each person will bring their own unique way of using the fighter. This is a game all about technique, your up against Chun-Li, you think you know Chun-Li? Think again.
I try and stay several moves ahead, know when their going to jump, throw a fireball and so on. Makes for some exciting fights. Unless I choose to be Zangief. The hairy, heavily scarred Russian. One mean motherfucker. If I chose him the fights all about pulling off the ultimate atomic buster Ultra combo. You want to know all about that move don’t you? Oh I know you do. Play this game to find out. BOOM!
Super Ghouls n Ghosts.
M Wii has been neglected of late. There has not been any new releases I felt the need to sit on my arse waving a remote at the screen for. So for the first time I went online an checked out the Wii arcade. And their it was, amongst the greatest SNES games such as F Zero and Super Castlevania 4.
SUPER GOULS AND GHOSTS! Yeeeaaaahhhh bouuuuy! To download a game from Wii arcade you have to pay. Ghouls and Ghosts will set you back 800 Wii points, which is £8 if my memory serves me correctly.
And that’s fine. Iv heard some people bitchin and moaning about having to pay for these old games, oh shut up I say. Remember the days when you HAD to pay for games!? Tight arses.
Anyways I bought it and butter my arse! It blew my mind. As a younger man I played this game but never completed it. Not properly anyway. You play through the game,which is tough enough.
Take on the final boss, defeat that sucker then WHAY HEY you beat the game. Right. RIGHT?! Shit no, you have to play through it again! Straight away, no saving, savings for pussies.
As far as plat-forming games go this is one of the best, never feels cheap, although there are many beginners’ traps. So the only way to batter through this game is to play then play some more.
To help you on this brutal quest there is an assortment of weapons that you pick up along the way by breaking open chests. They are as follows: Dagger and knife.Awesome. Lance and scythe, fairly standard. Axe and flame torch. Arse.
Getting a decent weapon is a must; this game will kick your teeth in if you have the flame torch for example. So lets say you have the dagger, break open a chest and inside it’s an axe. You accidentally pick up the axe.
Tough shit, you lost the dagger.
So you now have to battle your way through breaking open more chests in the vain hope of finding the dagger again. And this is where the game knocks up the bring it on meter.
I know what your thinking “oh if you have the dagger why break open a chest just to get another weapon when the one you have is so good?” well smart arse this is why, opening chests also gives you armor.
Which you need. From your standard silver armor (which you lose if you get hit once and have to play in your under crackers) you upgrade to green amour, then gold.
When your gold you can come across the Bracelet weapon on your second play through and that’s the only weapon that can defeat the final boss. For real this time, no pissing about.
So now you have the Bracelet and on easy street right? Wrong. I played through several times getting to the final level. Break open a chest hoping for it to be armor only to see it’s a normal weapon.
“I wont get that bag of balls,” I think to myself. Whoops I just fell off a platform and landed on the bastard. Game over. That’s 4 hours of my life crossed off.
Not that my life matters anymore.
Not after Ghouls n Ghosts has had its fiendish way with me. You want to play this game? Then put down the Rusk, peel off your pampas and beat your chest! No. Holds. Barred.