Driver San Francisco (Part 1 of Review)

Driver San Francisco
Developer:         Ubisoft Reflections
Publisher:            Ubisoft

Driver is debuted to be released 02/09/2011, now before I get into details of the latest Driver Game I will quickly give a recap of the previous games and the changes it has gone through as the game mechanics has changed each release.
Driver was first released in 1999 on the Sony Playstation and was a great game to play and was something unique.
You played as Tanner an undercover detective sent in to infiltrate syndicate’s bosses by performing odd jobs (scaring people, wheel man for bank jobs) and slowly moving up the ladder.
Driving around Miami to San Francisco was great fun and the controls as I remember were great and easy to master.
Its one thing that appealed to me and reason I played it so much, crashing into barriers and making the game glitch was jokes on free roam just to drive outside the boarders.
Driver was a purely driving game as in you only had one car to ride in each city as you progressed with the occasional change of vehicle when a job required of it.
This was changed by Ubisoft in Driver two where you could finally leave the car you wreck up and jack some poor sods car.
Step in good direction as you can finally get out the car and do some sprinting on foot and change cars.
This was taken a step further in Driver three where they also introduced the use of weapons into the game allowing you to be able to shoot people as well as jacking their rides.
So over time Driver has had many changes and looking at them they have been ok changes (nothing major and most things which were already incorporated in other games like GTA)
As I played Driver as it was released first on Playstion to Playstation 2, I will be honest I didn’t get the same feeling as I did when I first played Driver.
Everyone gets a feeling or a sense of enjoyment when they play a game. When I first played the original driver I couldn’t stop playing it, I would play the game on story mode and then free roam for hours in different cities just for the fun of it.
With Driver one and two I didn’t really get the same effect from the original Driver.
I don’t personally have any high hopes for the latest Driver and I hope I am wrong that it blows my Mind when I start playing the Full game on its release.
So Far what I have to say is from the Demo which has been released so the Review on Driver San Francisco will be short and to the point on how I feel about the game so far and what has been released to the public.
Well Here it is
so Far I am thinking wtf
why people are going to ask why I am thinking wtf?
well here it is “Shift” the ability to jump into another Car using some sort of psychic power.
“In San Francisco, players can shift to any car at any time. Also, for the first time in the series, the game will have licensed cars.
A new feature is Shift, which allows Tanner to shift from a car into another car and continue the mission.[11] The Shift option is not unlimited however, so the player has to recharge the Shift meter by doing things such as power slides, big jumps and driving into oncoming traffic. Shift must also be upgraded from time to time, so the player can shift into more distant cars and other parts of the city. One of the inspirations for Shift comes from Google Earth.[11] The game is also being described as a “return to the roots” to the series as the ability to get out of the car, which was introduced in Driver 2, has been removed as the developers felt that too many games have this kind of feature already”
The Graphics of Driver San Francisco is great and I will not say it looks bland and rubbish as that would be lying as its great and the rendering done is excellent.
Controls are simple and easy to master and only take a few moments for someone to get use to and then play.
Apart from the weird shift feature the Demo was fun to play and I do look forward to trying out the full game.
Review to be continued