To Many Sequels

To Many Sequels
The Question of the Month and something i always wanted to write , Are there to many Sequels coming out this Year?
Let’s see we have
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Bad Company Battle Field 3
Mass Effect 3
Gears Of War 3
Halo 7?
Final Fantasy 13-2
Batman Arkham Asylum 2
Assassins Creed Revelations
Don’t get me wrong I love a sequel to a game, but has it come to the point where it’s just one Sequel after another with the creative aspect of actually designing a new game being thrown out the window.
An example of this can be the call of duty franchise with more than eight being released since 2003 by different developers and published by Activision. With Call of duty being developed by Infinity Ward in 2003 and then developed among Treyarch and Infinity Ward over the years since 2009
of course Activision got gready and fell out with developers from Infinity Ward  by withholding royalties of Modern warfare 2 (details on Law Suit) and having the latest Call Of Duty Modern warfare being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

How Long can one Milk the cow before it dries out?

So how Long can a Publishers and Developers Milk the Same Game to the point where its just the same game but with just a couple of Cosmetic changes?
We already have developers like Treyarch shrinking games to the point where they can extend them with paid for content to extend the games. (an example of this is Homefront which was pure disapointment)
Don’t get me wrong some of the sequels listed aren’t as bad and actually tie up endings of the games and is great, an example of this is Gears of War 3, with the first being published in 2006 with the second being released 2008 and final instalment coming out this year 2011.
there are some good things With sequels you don’t have to try and cram so much into game and spread it across a Series, allowing games to have more content.
I was reading the BBC and what stood out the most was developers comparing how films and how they rely on the franchise to sell a game.
this isn’t exactly true as a game sells on how good the game is and how it looks to the consumer, granted with fanboyism developers and publishers know they can just throw a game out and these people will just buy it.
On that note is Fanboyism killing the gaming industry?