Infamous 2

Infamous 2

Welcome to the world of Cole MacGrath,

Now for those of you who haven’t heard of the game or just play the Xbox 360.

Infamous is about a character named Cole MacGrath who lived a simple life as a bike messenger when his world was literally turned upside down while on one of his carrier runs his package explodes (Ray Sphere) and takes out couple of city blocks turning Cole into a super powered human being who can manipulate electricity and use it as a weapon.

As you progress through the original Infamous game you learn new abilities that Cole can use against the bad guys.
An example of this can be the lovely Sticky grenade, you throw this ball of electricity at your intended target and then they go boom along with any poor soul which are next to them.

The great thing about the abilities is that you can upgrade them to cause more pain (as in Damage to your target)

Along with learning new abilities the story surrounding Cole also start to reveal around him and when I said his world turned upside down, (well being at the epicentre of destroying a few city blocks didn’t really compare)

Cole slowly learns the truth behind who was behind all this and that him being where he was at the time wasn’t just coincident, and that he has a greater purpose in life.

This is shown to him at the end when he finds out the person he is hunting and who is responsible for the Ray Sphere is in fact himself from the future (yay time travel and paradoxes 😀 )

He is shown the future where he must rise to the challenges and face the ultimate of all foes he’s been up against and the only way he could do that was by (his future self) coming back and insuring that he is up to the challenges by putting him through trials which strengthen him and improves his powers.

The great thing about Infamous was the Karma

you could choose to be a

*Evil bastard and generally just walk through the game blowing everyone up and not care about collateral damage or civilians.


*Hero and stay on the path of good and insure no civilians are killed (catching Bad guys is optional but you get points for catching them)

Taking into account each choice you make has different consequences as you are put through the trials you are made to choose over good and evil on many occasions.

Now you have a good understanding of Infamous and how you got the powers and by whom and why, let’s start the main Review of Infamous 2

Infamous 2 starts off from Infamous and you are about to take on the beast (the Bad guy that you have been trained to beat by your future self) anyhow you find yourself one on one with the beast at the start and you are too weak to take him on and are beaten badly so you make a hasty retreat to New Marais where you are to rondevu with the doctor who helped design and build the Ray Sphere to increase your abilities to take on the beast.

So Cole thought that was it, Get out of the way of the Beast, get a boost to his powers and take on the beast one on one again.

Well it’s Infamous so nothing is so straight forward
You are about to meet the Doctor and you get intercepted by Bertrand’s thugs and once again the blast shards are thrown over the map as they blow the rooftop up. In your retreat the doctor is killed and your journey in Infamous 2 truly begins as you start your Quest for the RFI and the blast shards to power it

Things start to get Interesting (this has a Xmen feel to it) when I say Xmen I mean from the first Xmen movies when Magneto tries to set off a weapon which increases human evolution and turning most people into mutants and killing others.

Same principle except people are referred to as conduits as Cole is one who are the next chain in human evolution and when next to the Ray Sphere when active their evolution is speeded up and they gain powers. (This is shown by his two new companions who help him during the game)

kuo and Nix

Kuo is a former agent who helped Cole escape the city after he went one on one with the beast, she was later kidnapped and infused with Ice powers by Bertrand

Nix is after revenge after she watched her family and friends along with others die as Bertrand activated the Ray sphere to gain his powers (she was on the sidelines and being a conduit herself she gained powers as well) she can manipulate Oil.

The great thing about having companions in Infamous 2 is that later on you get to choose to gain the powers of one of your lovely friends. (This Can Kuo’s Ice powers or Nix’s Oil powers)

With the Addition of infusing the powers of your companions the doors to upgrading your new abilities have increased giving you the option of choosing what powers you want to use (this is done though quick change using the left button) which allows you to use appropriate powers for different enemy types.

The addition to the lighting Rod was an excellent addition and made combat that more fun as you had more ways of taking the enemies on.

So Cole finds out about the RFI a device which can drain the powers of conduits and cure the plague.
Great news all he has to do is find the blast shards and have enough juice to power the beauty up.

Well things aren’t so easy and it comes back to the Good and Evil again as Cole finds out the only way he can use the machine is if he sacrifices himself and the lives of thousands of other conduits with the possibilities of saving millions of people with the plague.

(As sad as this is I shall do this)
Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  (Yes a star Trek quotes lol)


Do nothing and Join the beast and go against Humanity and saving as many Conduits as possible.

The great thing about Infamous is you can follow the storyline and follow the game on from the first one (take on your Karma from Infamous to Infamous 2) so if you decided to be an evil person you can start off Evil or Good if you played the good guy.

Then again you can also start off with a clean slate.
The Terrain has changed allot from the original Map as New Marais also has a submerged area of the Map where parts are flooded making it a bit more interesting as you have to be careful where you fall or run through as water and electricity never did work well together, then again what will kill you can also be used in your favour as water acts well to take on multiple targets who are grouped together in one area standing in water.
Infamous has always had a Great Hud and the Graphics have been great with the detail much improved in the latest one.
It’s nice to see a game keep the good characteristics and take it on and not fix something which isn’t broke.

The interaction with the environment is great and I will not fault this, as you literally have the whole map to explore and almost all of it is in reach.

I would really Urge those who just want to jump into Infamous 2 and haven’t played the first, don’t do it. Rent it buy it. Play the first one and get a good feeling for the game and then play the second one as you will get a much more better experience from the Game and I can guarantee that.