Gears Of War 3

Gears of War 3

Gears of War Sega continues with the third installment of the most anticipated game on the Xbox 360, if you have been living under a rock all these years and don’t know what Gears of War is, here is a quick recap of the game.  (Contains some spoilers for one and two)

You are Marcus Fenix, decorated soldier from the pendulum wars who has been incarcerated in prison for desertion of his post for 40 years when he went off to save his father after leaving his post.

Gears Of War

Now the new chapter begins for Fenix, four years has passed and the war with the locust has carried on with humanity losing ground each and every day.  
Fenix is released early by his old friend Dominic Santiago, you would have thought being incarcerated for almost four years the man could have at least couple of minutes to enjoy his freedom.
Ah no you are thrown straight into conflict (well this is Gears of war, so you are given an option to take the easy way and brush off your firing skills or go straight in Guns blazing)

Now that you have been set free and are back into your game, it’s time to restore your Reputation
in gears of war you learn of the Locust and their intentions and make the journey on how to finally defeat them.
Finally Fenix restores his reputation by using the light mass bomb to take out a sizeable chunk out of the locusts and earn humanity that one victory in the ongoing war.

Gears of War 2

In Gears of war 2 you also get to see another side to Dominic as he is also on a quest to rescue his wife Maria; this also shows the bond the two friends have as you go through the game.
you are also introduced to some new adversaries to take on and you get to use some cool new weapons and ride some locust trained beasts.
Now you would have thought with the COGs knowing the Achilles heel of the Locust that the war would go in their favour and that the locust threat would be minimized, but the war has taken a fall for the worse.

Only one last city stands “Jacinto City” driven back by the Locust to the last place of refuge you are forced to defend the city from the onslaught from Locust attacks.
Without knowing where they are coming from and how in such great numbers you discover that they have been under your nose all these times (and I literally mean under your nose as the locust are under Jacinto and the only way you can only stop them is by sacrificing the last refuge and doing the last thing you want to do, Sacrifice Jacinto City and crushing the strong hold of the Locust with the city its self

As I said this is Mostly a Brief introduction to Gears of War 1 and 2
for more detailed information I would recommend the following website.

Short Brief of online play

now one thing about Gears Of War 1 and 2 is that you can play solo or on your own with AI support or Get a friend of yours to help you along the way by using CO-OP mode on the game. If your unlucky and don’t have any friends you can always host or join a multi-player game through Xbox live.

Types of Games

Like most online FPS Gears Of War has

Team Death Match
And other Modes

Host advantage

This was one issue people found with Gears of War 1 which were if you were the host of a multiplayer game you would get less Lag then other people and is able to cause more damage straight away.
This was addressed in Gears Of War 2.

Gears of War and Horde, this for me was an epic (Mind the Pun lol) by Epic Games as it was always fun to play with friends or online with others and see how long you can last with a barrage of Locust being thrown at you over and over and getting harder as you get through one horde at a time.

Now we come to the main Game

Gears Of War 3

Gears of war has been in the making for over two years now and will be released almost three years of Gears Of War 2.
This Carries on with the war with the Locust,

so Far not much has been released about the storyline of Gears of War 3,
but after reading couple of websites and Blogs it has been widely said that it will bring closure to unanswered questions from the previous games.

and that during the game you will be playing as different characters and not just Fenix like 1 and 2.

The First time I played Gears of war 3 was last year at Eurogamers 2010 and I was disappointed as they only allowed us to see one mode of the game which wasn’t so great, this had given me a Bad impression of that part of the game.  (I would have loved to see some game play footage which funny enough was available but was out of bounds)

(Beast mode) you didn’t really get much to pick from to play with.
admittedly it was funny using a Ticker and ramming it into someone

Now the Great Thing about Epic Games is that they like to wet the appetite of their fans by launching Betas Months before the game releases giving the players a taste of what they can expect from the game. (Treyarch you can learn from this)

Well they don’t disappoint, the multiplayer games are great to play and the maps are great fun,
the introduction of new weapons is a good touch.

I will admit it makes a change from cutting your enemies in half with a chain on your lancer to ramming a blade into them.

Some weapons in Gears of war are pretty much underpowered or pretty much over powered.
This has been said about the Shotgun in the original gears of war where if you were close enough one shot one kill.
Personally I like what Epic Games have done so Far and can’t wait to get my hands on the Game (Yes I have Pre-ordered the Epic Edition of the Game)
In my Reviews I always have just what I think of the Game, so for this I have requested Reviews from other members of the gaming community.


I think the beta was well made, The animation was really improved from the past 2 games. It also plays out very smoothly. I just have some complaints about the Sawed Off Shot gun, it takes little to no skill to use plus the frag gernades blast radius is to far. Other then that I am very impressed with what Epic did, I can only imagine what the full game will offer


i agree with sage but i think that they should bring back the good game modes from gears 2 lik guardian because capture the leader just isnt as fun. i think what they can do with the sawed off is just make the spread of the shot smaller. otherwise it is a great game

Lamp Luver

The Beta was awesome….plain and simple. Despite everyone crying about certain weapons,I think they all balance eachother out very nicely. The game runs smooth, the graphics are great (and its only a beta), and after going back to GOW2, I realize what a great game GOW3 is going to be. My only big complaint is the jumping over cover kick, its way too inconsistent/cheap


I like Gears 3. i agree with Lamp in that the weapons are fine, it just come down to the skill of the player. I have seen players rock with the gnasher and with the SOS. Some players use both lol. There are going to be different opinions especially when it come to the new and old weapons. I also agree that the mantel kick or whatever it called needs some tweeking, i was so tired of gettin stuck on top of things and not being able to get a constant kick. Also I think that the ‘stun’ time it too long befor you reagin your footing lol. I could talk about more but I think that sums it up.


Vi I RoX I

When I had the beta I thought it was good, definatley and improvement from gow2, still needs some tweeks ( SO / Retro ) but it was shaping up to be a very good game. When the beta ended and I went back to gow2 I realised how good gow3 is. It is a great game ( but I would like some of the weapons tweaked )


The physics are the best improvement from GOW2. Player movement is so fluid. The heavy periods of graphic intensive battle do not lag the box like GOW2 did. The weapons are fairly well balanced and/or will be improved for the production launch. People complain about the BDS, for example however in GOW2 you had to get fairly close for a shotgun battle so previous players thing the DBS is overpowered. In RL a DBS will annihilate you. The maps and environments were beautiful. They are laid out for tram play and strategy. It is unfortunate that few people play the team game and work together. Waiting til September will be very painful.

A good topic on the xbox 360 forums of views of others ( Topic made by oDr Killjoy )