Crysis 2

Crysis 2

Welcome to Crysis 2

The storyline for the game is pretty much straight forward and simple as you can get
The world has been ravaged by war; the earth is under siege from an alien race bent on the destruction of the human race.
You are Alcatraz, a Marine who has just been given a second chance after meeting a very unfriendly welcome comity on your first day out into the world.

Welcome the new prophet.

The game its self is kind of hard to review as I have had mixed feelings about it, before I rented this game out I was given so many “this game is Crap”, “this game isn’t worth it” and most common don’t buy the game.

so I was at a dilemma do I rent this game and write a review about it considering the amount of hype and bad press I have been seeing from people and even the people at my local game distributors.

So I rented the game out and I found it’s not that bad as people have been saying,
the game its self is enjoyable but does have some flaws which make the game experience go down somewhat.

Let’s start


the game its self feels like a mixture of Splintercell and Halo Reach, the reason I compare them to be mainly for three reasons.

In halo reach you get the armour hardener, cloak and can jump stupidly high
Splinter Cell you have the silent kills and the sneaking around.

And somewhat like Halo you can upgrade your armour to get more out the attributes which effects how the armour performs.

As I said the game is enjoyable and do mean that, when you play the game you are slowly introduced to new abilities of the armour and new ways of fighting.

The ability to use the HUD to plan ahead is a great feature in this game and used wisely can make most areas easy to get through.

The HUD allows you to stake out the area and highlight threats with ease at a safe distance to either avoid them or to take them out one at a time, or just go in Rambo style and kill everything in sight.

This is one thing that I have always liked and loved about FPS games that follow this sort of structure or similar.

A Game which gives the player that extra freedom to choose the paths which suits his or her play style, so props to Crytek for that.
Upgrading the armour is easy and very straight forward and allows the user to upgrade as he or she goes,
though I would suggest hording the points for the better stuff as having decent armour near the end is a plus, not a essential to survival but it’s something that would keep you alive longer in some scenarios.

The weapons are easy to customise to the task at hand.

And this is something that Crytek have done well in. The interface for both armour and weapons is very simple to use and not over the top,
some games have interfaces which are more look how cool this looks but not on the practical side of things and for me the interface used in Crysis is pretty much practical and just right.

Now the Rant,

Using the weapons can be a pain in the right side in some configurations and it’s something Crytek have failed epically, when using a weapon with laser attachment you can’t aim the weapon as you would expect, aim through the sight or iron sight and then see the nice laser beam to your nice target.

oh no, Crysis is a whole new ball game when it comes to laser attachments, the only way you can aim is putting your weapon sideways and looking at the laser beam and then firing based on destination of that beam.
If they had used standard aiming tools for the weapons it would have been far better and more enjoyable.

And to me Crytek have let themselves down in that department.

The control mapping of Crysis is like any other FPS which seems to be very generic on all games released with almost all game publishers using similar mappings with slight differences which is good for the consumer as it allows easy transaction from one game to another.

Online Play


Online play is fun and not that bad, it follows the same laws as most FPS games on the market and isn’t really much of a difference.

The only thing you get different about Crysis online is the armour upgrade and its abilities,

the match making is fast and so far while I have played the game I haven’t had any issues in joining games. Which to me surprising considering the last game I played supported by EA was a nightmare to get online as the servers seem to always be down or crashing (Homefront I am looking at you)

At the end of the Day Crysis Two is a good game to play and it wasn’t as bad as everyone that I spoke to made it out to be, apart from the weapons issues which really annoyed me,
the game is worth it.

The story isn’t short and you feel like it has been given some effort and I feel it’s worth it.

My Score

Game its self (storyline and way it’s played out) 8/10
Interface 9/10
Game play (way you interact with the environment, weapons) 6/10, the laser killed it
Online play 9/10

8/10 Total