Welcome to America Under occupation (Finaly a FPS not based in the middle east or former soviot union), now the Game to me had a lot of potential but it seems like the developers have wasted a lot of that. Now before I get into why I think it’s such a failure,

Homefront is based in the future and uses events around the world to sell the point of the storyline,

North Korean leader Kim Jong dying and his son inheriting power and uniting Both South and North Korea taking United Korea on a crusade to Take over Asia pacific, Added with the extra effect of the reliance of the US on oil in the middle east as the region is also engulfed in a regional war setting oil prices to skyrocket.
Oil Prices rise in the US, Stocks plummet, civil unrest as measures are placed to stop people panic withdrawing.

Things are made worse with United Korea launch a surprise and unexpected attack on the US using an EMP weapon to neutralise and cause mass panic as Planes fall from the skies and all electrical products people take for granted start to fail.

After the Initial attack Korea launch the land invasion of the US, first taking Hawaii and then taking Mainland United States, and Occupation begins.
Now you get the gist of it, America invaded, occupied and civilians butchered and dumped into mass graves and used as slave labour.

Game in General

the game feels rushed and it feels like it’s just been thrown into the market without any care or afterthoughts, the reason I say this is for the following
Game is very much short as you can get, on normal you can finish this game within 2-3 Hours (Six Levels or chapters, whatever floats your boat)

The storyline isn’t that great, the developers have a good back story but I feel they haven’t used the potential of that back story to their advantage in the levels and tie it into the game integrating the occupation more.

Online play is pretty much if you’re lucky to connect to a server as the server seems to be down most of the time

Game Its self

The Graphics is excellent and I won’t deny that or BS on how it’s not great as the rendering is quiet good,

The Game play of Homefront is quiet good, the controls are good and easily mapped out and anyone can get straight into the combat and have some fun, as you progress through the game not that much changes and the only time you use any different control systems are when you fly the helicopter, which I will be honest is quiet sweet.
Through one part of the game you have to follow commands so taking action without getting the all clear is instant failure so it’s essential that you’re not trigger happy all the way through the game.

(This is pretty much like COD4 when you have to follow price)

I will warn you though if you get to far ahead of yourself in most parts of the game you will end up having to walk back as the AI seems pretty much stupid as they wont progress unless you are standing right next to them.

Goliath, this is a automated mobile platform which has some serious firepower and you get to control this beast in some parts of the game, even though it’s not indestructible, used correctly during the levels its available its a god send as it can obliterate anything its path with ease.

The weapons I will have to say suck, apart from a couple which are great and can be fun to use most seem to be very much underpowered and shooting most feels like your player cant aim his gun,
for example the FN scar with drum magazines, you will be lucky to get any kills unless they are close range as the weapon once trigger is pulled has a mind of its own.
The game is quiet graphic, so if you don’t like blood and gore then this game isn’t for you as from the start the game is very graphic.


Online Play

Just a clear Warning this game uses the new online Pass Code brought to you buy EA who apparently are losing so much money, so if you do buy this game Pre owned you won’t be able to level up past 5 unless you pay 800MS points to get the access.

If you’re Lucky to get online and play as I have many others have found THQ servers suck as hell as most the times they are most likely down.

Unlike Call of Duty and Medal of Honour games you don’t automatically earn privileges after certain amount of Kills but only after you have accumulated certain amount of kills which gives you BP which you can then collect and use on two purchases of your choice which you unlock as you level up. These can be used during the game or after you die to purchase a weapon to spawn in.
Campers paradise, that’s right those of you have played Black Ops and found the people camp just to use the RC car to go and ram some C4 up your right side, Will know how annoying it can be when all someone does is camp in one spot and not really enter the fight.

Well now welcome the Parrot, the sweet RC spy micro helicopter which can not only Tag Players and get your level up fast but also means a person can camp indefinitely in an area (unless it’s an area well hidden then they are just easy targets for others to shoot or even more personal a knife to the back), As I was saying used correctly the Parrot gives users 30Bps and even more if that target they just lit up gets killed by a team mate. Now as the points accumulate the player can bring in a more powerful weapon onto the field ranging from a simple Drone attack to a heavy attack helicopter after next respawn.

Used correctly and not just mass spammed the Parrot can be a great tool which can turn the tide of a fight as you mark targets for your team mates and they can easily avoid or plan more successful attacks on them

So when online play is working and you don’t get those people who just camp in one place it can pretty fun (even surpass the offline game as well).

Overall this is what I would rate the Game the following

Story 4/10

Graphics 8/10

Weapons 6/10

online Play 6/10

control mapping and ease of play (AI Interactions) 5/10

Average Score 4.8/10

It’s not a game I would recommend as much as I would on other games I play and more something I would suggest you rent, but you do forfeit the online features if you rent it as you won’t get the battle code which means you will be stuck on level 5 on multiplayer unless you fork out the 800MS points.