Nintendo 3Ds

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console

Nintendo 3Ds
Finally got to try out the latest gadget to soon hit the markets from Nintendo.
The anticipated first ever Hand held three-dimensional hand held console to allow gamers to play games in full 3D, now Nintendo haven’t just stopped at the gaming but have also incorporated two cameras on the beast of gadget allowing users to take full 3D images.
Here is some basic information about the console its self.

WEIGHT:  230 grams

DIMENSIONS: 130 x 74 x 20 mil.

SCREEN RESOLUTION: Top screen is 800 x 240 pixels divided by two for both eyes with secondary
touch screen being 320 x 240 pixels.

Nintendo 3Ds backward compatible: Yes it can play older games and is backward compatible and can play all games from the DS range, so don’t worry about having to throw away your old cartridges or having to keep your old DS.

CAMERA’s: One facing the player, and two located on Back of the console for 3D images.
With the specs out the way let’s get to the main review

Firstly I will be honest, when I heard that Nintendo have made a 3D hand held console which you don’t need any eyewear to play. First thing that came to mind BS. It will suck.
The graphics won’t be great and it won’t be as great as the 3D I have tried out from SONY and Nvidia.

Well I was very surprised, the Graphics on the games were great and the depth of the image is shocking, the graphics are nice and clean considering the console doesn’t use bulky 3D glasses and uses the movement of your eyes to control the screen refresh rate to produce the 3D image is far ahead of any rival.

The only issue with the graphics it can turn into double vision sometimes where your eyes get out of sync of the graphics on the console and it can take a moment to readjust to it which is a minor issue thankfully.

The most impressive thing is the console can utilize the cameras on it to make use of the games giving more freedom.

For example the Card game, the Cameras allows you to interact with the game even more.
It truly is interactive; all your movements are picked up by the cameras and then relayed to the console giving you that extra bit. This nice feature is also on other games, for example Zelda 3D.

The Miis are back
Create those 3D avatars and truly personalize your miis, the impressive feature for this is having the ability to make your miis that bit more personal by taking a snap of your ugly mug and then having the option to use parts of those features on your miis, which is sweet.

The console still has its Retro old school feel to it, Nintendo have done well by keeping to something that works, and not gone with “If it isn’t broke still Change it” the only changes to the cosmetics on the console is the sweet thumb analogue pad which is a nice touch to the new console.

The weight of the console isn’t that much and for something that has so much crammed into it,
there isn’t any weight issue.

The console also still comes in different colours for each personality and preference, but personally I prefer old school black as I think it just has a better feel and look to it.
3D photos, who said the 3Ds was just for gamers? The console boasts two Cameras on the front which aren’t just for those sweet games; it also allows you to take full 3D images which you can share with your friends of get printed by 3D printers.

I would really recommend this Console, and personally I will also be getting the 3Ds as a gamer as someone that likes photography it will be fun to take some 3D images.
In March the console will be launched worldwide, so I would suggest pre-ordering the console.
One reason, this is Nintendo so everyone should know how Nintendo have a tendency to sell out within hours of release. So get in while you can.

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