Release Date: 25/02/2011

From the Creators of Gears of war comes the latest game to hit the shelves soon and unlike gears of war this game will be Multi platform so it will also be available on the playstation 3 as well, so people with the PS3 will also have the opportunity to get into the action.

A brief introduction to the game, you play as Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato two Mercenaries stranded on a deserted planet after crashing landing, now you would have thought having just survived a crash landing which you are lucky to survive your luck can’t get any worse?
Well you have two Goals in life now, Survive against the hordes of Mutants in a crumbling environment so you also have the environment to use as potential weapons against the force of constant mutants out of the wood works who will do anything to take you down.

To your second objective in life to getting revenge on the kind chaps who sent you to the god forsaken planet in the first place.

Now on the Review

My first thoughts were great another FPS which is trying to mimic gears of war, but surprisingly after playing the Demo for couple of Hours I have found the game very enjoyable.

the weapons are great and unique (like most Epic Games) they aren’t standard M4, MP5s and other off the shelf weapons used in most FPSs but unique to the game, which is cool as you can get weapons in the games which aren’t standard or have different effects and do some nice shots,

I do love the electric strike option which is similar to infamous where you can strike an enemy down or bring them to you to do as you please, from Shooting them in Midair to booting them across the map.

The Graphics is good (feels kind of cartoonish but quality wise the detail is top notch)
as you play through the detailing is done well and something that isn’t overlooked so when you interact with the environment you aren’t being short handed on the graphics, as time has been taken on the detail.

The game Does feature Multiplayer which should be good and hopefully will be similar to other Epic games (due to the Game not being released yet and having the Demo Version only I cant really give a more detailed description of multiplayer mode on the game yet) I will do so how ever when the game Hits the Market next month with a review of the online play and how it lives up so look at this spot in the next month.

I would really recommend Buying this game as its fun to play, if you don’t believe me download the demo from Xbox or PS3 market place and you will see how addictive the demo can be.