Apache Air Assault

Name: Apache Air Assault
Release Date: 19/11/2010
Publisher: Activision

I was looking through some games on the shelf and came across this,
it looked kind of cool (fly in a Gunship and blow shit up) who wouldn’t like that so thought might as well try this game out and boy was I disappointed in it,
There isn’t much of a story to this, Campaign is more of missions to take out pirates and terrorists (they could have at least tried to make a story out of it which wasn’t so uninteresting) so it’s just go in with three modes, Training/Campaign and lastly multiplayer online.

The buttons are very simple and I will give that to them (control the Apache with the right and left analogue sticks for movement) but the controls are very sluggish (and I mean very sluggish) as in you want to go in one direction or make a movement it feels like it’s taking forever to send that command through the system.
so can take allot of patience to get use to as you have to come to terms with the best methods of targeting moving vehicles and the slow reaction of the apache before firing unguided missiles
Apart from the slow reaction and sluggish communications when it comes to controlling the apache it’s not that bad, the graphics is good, and cinematic isn’t that bad either

if they wanted to go for a combat flight simulator they didn’t do half bad job, if the controls weren’t so sluggish then this game would make an good game, better if they tied in a good storyline to it and not made it so repetitive.
The Multiplayer games are good (co-op and going Vs) and does come with a Varity of maps to choose from to play on.

personally I would suggest renting it out before deciding if you should really want to buy it
get a feel for it and if the game feels conferrable then buy it, that way if you feel ok with the controls and don’t mind about the sluggish interface, it’s a worthwhile game to buy.