Grand Tourismo 5


Grand Tourismo 5


As I said as soon as I played this game I would give a Review of the Game, well here it is.

Let’s break this up into different sections.

History of Grand Tourismo


History of Grand Tourismo
Grand Tourismo has been around for Years being first launched in 1997 for the playstation,
as driving simulation or racing games have gone, Grand Tourismo has always been above par when compared to other games of its generation. 

The Graphics has always pushed the system in which it runs to somewhat the limit bringing a better experience.  As the console powers improved so have the graphics engines in the Grand Tourismo series. 

Also it gave petrol heads of the time to drive the cars that (well let’s face it) most of wont be able to drive in our lifetimes, this to me gave Grand Tourismo the edge over other games, the Realism and the opportunity to drive those nice flashy sports cars and even those street cars.

Grand Tourismo has been launched every year since 1997 until 2001 where the producers seem to have fallen asleep only to launch Grand Tourismo 4 in 2005 followed by a version for the PSP in 2009, The latest version being Grand Tourismo 5 for the PS3 (now before this prologue was launched to give a taster of Grand Tourismo 5 and we can expected in the graphics of the game)

Playstatiion Graphics 1997-2000

GrandTourismo 1.jpgImage copyright

Playstaion 2 2001-2009

GrandTourismo 3.jpgGrandTourismo 4.jpg

Playstation 3 2009-2010

GrandTourismo 5.jpg

As you can see over the years Grand Tourismo has transformed and has pushed the limits of the graphics ability of the Sony system. As Grand Tourismo has remained a sole game for the playstation series it hasn’t been ported over to any other console which has meant Sony have been able to market from the success of the Grand Tourismo series as an exclusive for their consoles.

thanks to the processing power and graphics power of the consoles launched by Sony,  Polyphony Digital have been able to pack more graphics into the games as it has progressed throughout the years. For example screens from GT1 to GT5 above.


Now for the Game you came here for “Grand Tourismo 5”
Now there isn’t really a storyline to Grand Tourismo since it’s a racing game.
With Grand Tourismo 5 you are given a verity of ways to make money to buy that car you always wanted to drive.

Now the thing with Grand Tourismo is you can’t go into a race with an overpowered car, won’t mention any other game *cough* Forza.

When you first put in the game you are given options to set up your account, profile, background images, (what ever floats your boat) pretty much you customise it the way you see fit.

Now with the game there are several modes

The main Area of the Game which most people will be going for is ASPEC which is basically the main events of the game where you earn most (almost all) your money from to buy the flash new cars.

Now to race in the events you need to progress up the ladder and improve your skills, this is done by racing in the GT modes as they are slowly unlocked as you improve your class (A B C and so forth).

You are given five options of what difficulty you want to race in, bearing in mind that Beginner is fairly easy and best suited for those that never have played a Grand Tourismo game or just want to earn easy money and rank up fast.  

With extreme being at number five you are in for a hell of a tough ride as your opponents are in it for the win and steering becomes more realistic with less AI assists.

GT Mode which gives you the following


Carting (This is quite fun racing around in go carts, (also gives you a good chance to get to grips with the steering on GT and easy money), as always you get three levels for difficulty, you get more
money for higher setting.

Jeff Gordon (learn from the best of NASCAR racing as you learn new tips on the best way of
overtaking, steering and winning.

Top Gear Racetrack, for the Top gear fans out there here is your chance (well only chance) to drive on the famous test track of the Top gear show.

Amo driving academy (like Jeff Gordon) ways to improve your skills and earn trophies.

Rally (take on dirt roads and go off road)

Grand tours (take on famous race tracks from around the world)

Sebastien Loeb (Train with the famous rally car driver)



Licences are a good way to get trophies and increase your skills in the game well as earning money for reaching objectives set out on the track.



Go old school and go arcade, where you are given a slimmed down version of the game and set up against the time. There isn’t any garage, tuning just straight into the race, (bright side with this is you get to ride some cars you can’t yet afford in GT mode)


Course Maker

Course maker allows you to customize premade tracks so it’s not really all that (then again it’s the only racing game that allows you to modify the racetrack to your liking), I would of been happier if we were given more control of the design of the race track instead of just having the options on how the turns are and how many segments there are.

Online Play

First Grand Tourismo to have online play, this to me is a great add on, for a game like this to go from just single player to multiplayer online is a great leap for it and it has added more to just finishing the game and leave it, but added that extra life to it which most online games get.
Take into fact this is Playstation network so some times the connection can suck. Other then that the gaming experience online isn’t that bad.

Scoring for me is the following
Steering (control) 6/10 (once you touch the grass your car seems to lose all control)
Graphics 10/10
Game play 8/10
Game Mode verity 8/10
Course Maker 4/10 (really expected more)
Arcade 7/10

Total 8.5/10


Also Game is up for Grabs (PS3 )