Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

This is footage of Gran Turismo 5 from euro gamers 2010, firstly sorry about the Bad driving lol, person playing it wasnt to great at using the steering wheel provided (thats what you get when you just use the normal PS3 controller)

a quick review of the Game.

Graphics wise GTA5 has improved allot, the cars are more sleek and as you can see the response from the bad driving is quiet  on the fragile side which can be improved in the settings, as with most driving games the harder you put the settings the more sensitive the steering will become, so the more effort has to be put into controlling the car which makes it more realistic then having the on board AI do most the work,

with GTA5 you can use most steering wheels that are on the market which is a good thing.
You get more tracks including the top gear circuit, which is the closest any gear head is going to get to driving a super car like the Stig around the circuit lol,

i will write a longer review once game is released and i have a better feeling of the game