Call of Duty Black Ops


Call of Duty Black Ops

Welcome to the latest instalment of the call of Duty series, as usual the Game has switched Back and forth from Infinity Ward and Activision, with that in Mind both games by Infinity ward is that both Modern warfare and its sequel were box office hits selling millions within hours of release,

In my opinion this is one of the reasons Black Ops has had such a large selling point,
let’s be honest the previous Call of Duty Games by Activision Sucked, the latest game being world at war with the only thing decent about it being zombie mode and online play,

(the campaign mode wasn’t that great to play and graphics wise it wasn’t at par with its counter parts from Infinity ward)
But with this latest Instalment I was pretty much shocked, the Game was great to play and the storyline unlike any other Call of Duty game has a whole new twist to it,
think of Fight Club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, I bring in Fight Club for one reason only, (follow link for spoiler)
This twist to me was very much unexpected and welcome as it broke away from the chains from its predecessors and how Call of Duty game play flows,

Let’s get into this Review



You are Colonel Marshall; you have been taken in by an unknown source and being interrogated by your captures to contemplate on previous missions, (a bit like Halo ODST) where you pick up a piece of armour or item and play back the memory of the mission of who that piece of item is connected upon.
Only this one you are pumped full of drugs are forced to recall the memories which you then replay.

Each mission that you have has a purpose and each one takes you a step further to uncovering something very cynical and devious even you would find it shocking (follow link to spoiler) as you progress through the game you will encounter your Russian friend who helps you along the missions and showing you new objectives.


Zombie Mode

One thing that I liked about World at War was the fact that you could go online with your friends of be commando and go at it alone and take on hordes of flesh eating zombies from over running the area and killing you,
now what makes this zombie mode even more fun, Modern Weapons (well not Modern weapons as in 21st century weapons but modern as in not just the muskets from World at War,
taking out the Ray Gun and its big brother) with this one, The maps are Larger, The zombies are more brutal and unlike the previous game they can attack you trough the boarded up windows.

The weapons upgrades are available along with the magic Box so it’s good to see that around,

The icing on the cake would be playing as the main players from that period,

John F Kennedy



and some random office worker from the pentagon

Now the most interesting thing about Zombie mode is when you first start it (finish the game first) as soon as the Game ends you are given a nice cut scene with the main players with a Dead or Alive feeling to it, (all in office and all hell breaks loose) so lock and load

Online Play

A step in the right direction and much more impressive than previous Activision realises where online play has been laggy servers,

The Maps are much larger than that of its previous games (even Modern Warfare by Infinity ward) which is great and not so great,
Great thing about it is you have more space to roam and more you have to plan your moves on taking out the apposing team, downside its easier for those dreaded campers that you always seem to get in the call of duty franchise just sitting in one place.

Weapons wise,
Much better then Modern Warfare, the reason I say this is because with previous Call of duty Games, you levelled up and you got the weapons and attachments straight up,
so it’s just play an easy game and level up and you got the weapons.

This one to me has adopted a James bond style system where you earn credits to spend on weapons which are unlocked as you rank up,
the Credits can also be used to customise your badge (which kind of like Halo series where you get to design your own unique emblem) but Activision has surpassed this and the user has more control over the design of the Badge.

The Badge can also be painted onto your Gun to make it more personal along with the clan Tag which is unique as I haven’t seen a game so Far where you can do that to the firearm.

Now like all other Call of Duties it has Team death Match, Capture the Flag and search and destroy, but it also has the option of prestige lobby

Core (Normal Game play)

Barebones (No Kill Streak, Limited HUD, attachments, contracts, perks)

Hardcore (+No Maps, Huds, Team Damage)



The added Combat training is excellent addition to the Game and allows players to first take on simulated online matches on difficulties of their liking,
so if you haven’t played Call of Duty before or played on live or just need to brush up I would suggest going through the simulator as it will improve your skills and give you a better edge then jumping straight into the sand pit.

(the simulator works exactly like the real deal) you earn credits and you have to level up to unlock weapons) so it is very much realistic and nothing is handed to you on a silver platter and must be earned,
this doesn’t affect your overall online score on multiplayer so don’t go thinking that unlocking everything against the bots will open up the gear on live.

Quick Ratting from me for this Game

Story wise 9/10

Graphics 8/10

Online Play 6/10 (due to connection problems which seem to plague the game kicking party members out)

Weapons 10/10

Zombie Mode 9/10
Total 8/10

I would recommend this Game as its fun to play and the Twists and turns in the Game are very unexpecting storyline along with the unique online experience, (taking out the connection issues but its early days)