Halo Reach

Welcome to the sixth instalment of Halo, a quick introduction to the game, Halo series has been around for a good nine years. In the Halo games your role has changed dramatically and the methods of which you were able to interact with your player
To give a good understanding of how Halo has changed over the years, I will try and do so briefly as possible.
From Halo 1 to 3 we have been given the opportunity to play as the last remaining Spartan,
With 2 allowing the use of Covenant Elite called the Arbiter trying to get to the bottom of a long conspiracy which at the end brings the Covenant forces led by the Arbiter together with that of the human forces.
This is shown on Halo 3 which is basically the last in the Halo series in terms of story as the Covenant forces led by the fanatics are destroyed.
the Halo games released after Halo 3 all predate Halo the original as it takes you back to the start of the conflict,
a bit like the star wars trilogy (tough luck to those that don’t like me comparing the two but it’s hard to miss) Halo 1 – 3 being like New hope to Return of the Jedi with Halo 4-6 being like the new star wars films. Episode one and so forth.
Now back to Halo and enough of Star wars 🙂
This is where it becomes interesting
we have Halo wars which was released before ODST which was suppose to be a DLC but released as a Game, would have been better if Bungie had released ODST before Halo wars as it would have been more structural and follow some sort of time line, reason I say this is because ODST doesn’t have any Spartans in it and is basically the start of the Halo wars conflict. So having Halo wars released before it kind of killed off the whole time line for me.
Halo wars was a turning point in the Halo games as the mechanics of the game is completely different from all other Halo games as its more of a RTS game as you have to build structures and command units to finish jobs, think Command and conquer except allot more basic, (I say basic as you are limited on the amount of structures you can build and how they are placed.) other than that Halo wars was a fun game to play and made a change from previous Halo games.
Now to what is said to be the final Halo Game to be released.
Halo Reach, this game has been anticipated for a long time and it doesn’t disappoint, the storyline is very straight forward you are part of the elite soldiers known as Spartan aka Noble team.
The storyline is already known as the game kicks off Halo 1 so the back story is very clear, it shows the life of the last Spartans and how they lost their lives and how only one Spartan remains.
The new toys and features of Halo reach, now I knew about these when I played the beta but didn’t know they would be throwing these into the mix into the campaign.
And oddly enough they didn’t spoil the game or game play but made it more interesting as it gave new ways of forming tactics and methods of completing an objective.
Armor Lock
Allows you to form a personal shield which can take everything thrown at it, only downside once you’re in lockdown you can’t move or fight back so once you’re out of armour lock you have couple seconds to take out the people before they take you out
Drop Shield
This is like the shield generator from the previous halo games where it encompasses you in a bubble where you have the freedom to move about but don’t really have the luxury to fire out of so you’re pretty much restricted to close quarter combat as your enemy forces are forced to come into the shield and fight you.

Active Camouflage

This makes you invisible to the naked eye if you are very slow; running counteracts the suit so this is great for sneaking and attacking enemy forces from behind.
a great diversion to get your enemies to leave you alone or show their positions away by going after a fake of yourself, used correctly this can be a great asset in game and on multiplayer mode.
As it says allows you to run faster than you normally can, great to get to a position in a matter of seconds
Well what can I say for this apart from it gives you wings, sorry about the pun,
It’s great for getting to that advantage point which would normally take you awhile or a place where you can’t reach at all.
The new guns are great, but I do miss my duel weapons, yes I am one of those people that like to go in with two guns and spray the hell out of my target.
But the added new plasma launchers along with the Needler rifle made up for it.
So have had to say goodbye to some of our classic weapons of Halo but in turn we have been given some nice new toys.
The campaign in Halo reach is very short, depending if you take the time to get all achievements then the time for the game can be extended a bit longer.
The story as you go through the campaign is quiet good, if you have watched the Halo anime film it kind of follows that.
I found it quiet fun as unlike previous Halo games where you are backed up by normal soldiers in halo reach you are backed up by members of Noble team, each with their own specialities,
Once you get into the story and get into the feel of the game you do start to get disappointed when you see members of Noble team dropping like flies. I won’t say how they go as it would be spoiling it for you but I will say this it is very interesting to see how they go and the way some of the characters interact.
one thing I would like to point out is the Health and armour it was good the way they balanced this out by not making you immortal, (reason I say this is because previous halo games your health restored automatically) in Halo reach you need to find health packs or make sure you kill the enemy before it takes out your shield and then the rest of your health points. So Kudos for that.
Online play is good, it’s improved from previous halo games, and you are given more of a selection then before,
For example you get choice out of three maps and nor just two with the veto option allowing for a second round of voting.
the downside to Halo reach multiplayer I found is when you’re in a game and you get that one person who gets upset for dying or if they have a bad connection and disconnect it seems to have a domino effect on the rest of the game as it rebalances and you are sat there looking at a loading screen hoping that as it loads you’re not in the firing line of the opposite team.
Now some people have said that the new armour and privileges that came with it would spoil the game, they couldn’t be far from wrong,
Now I like this new feature as it gives new ways you can play the game online and form tactics with your team as each armour class has its benefits and downfalls depending on the role you’re choosing to take.
an example of this is Sniper, use the decoy to get your enemy get out of hiding so you can get a nice and clear shot at them or armour lock when a group of friends decide to go on a joy ride and run you over (perfect for making them fly and to finish it off a quick grenade)
At the end of the day the benefits for the new armour abilities are great and each map and game type has its best armour type to use (some game types have locked armour types which you can only use)
Fire fight
Fire fight, Thank you bungie for bringing this beauty back, go at it alone and see how long you can hold out against incoming enemies as they get tougher as the levels get higher or do the next best thing and play with your friends and see how long you and your friends can hold out.
Now the new thing about fire fight in Halo reach is it gives new modes to play with your friends.
At the end of the Day I loved this game, I have played campaign and followed the Noble team, played Multiplayer and enjoyed having my ass kicked and kicking some ass in return.
The game is great to play and is very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone, even if you’re not a Halo Fan
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