Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2
This Game is great, I don’t normally say this about allot of Games, but Just cause 2 is one game I just can’t put down, it’s a great game to relieve stress as you can just go around blowing stuff up or just fly around blowing stuff up,
Just cause is like Grand theft auto apart from some differences, Grand theft auto you have missions to complete from different people, in just cause you earn your missions by causing Chaos by destroying government infront structure and causing mayhem.
These missions allow you to help the factions out to capture certain objective points and increase their hold on the area.
Now before thinking its all gun hoe and blowing stuff up, the game does have an objective, this to keep it brief and not spoiling it is to find and kill a rogue agent who has gone AWOL and the only way you can do this is by helping out the locals.
(There is a nice twist to this which you will have to find out yourself, but I will tell you it’s a good twist)
As you increase your influence and the influence of the factions you help, you unlock some nice toys to use which are air dropped by the black market supplier, the impressive part about this is if you’re in the heat of battle and out of ammo, call in the shipment, the only downside is you can’t get airlifted out of the area if you are in the middle of the mission or being chased by the police 😛
Now you have the most impressive kit that you will never be bored of, that’s right the grappling hook, the most indispensible kit you will carry, it’s great to get out of that moment where you’re about to be wasted by barrage of bullets as it allows a fast exit, high jacking vehicles hasn’t been much easier, what other game allows you to hook onto a plane while its taking off and then be able to throw the pilot out and fly off into the sunset?
The use for this piece of kit is great and its functions are basically limitless with all the things that you can perform with it.
In conclusion the Game is great to play, the weapons and military hardware are great and used properly are priceless,
the controls are easy to master and not overly complicated, the Graphics is great and the Cut scenes aren’t that bad either.
I would recommend this game, if you don’t think it looks good, Rent it out from blockbusters and try it out. You will find the Game very addictive as you go through it.